My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 38

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It was a surprise to me that Ruth and Charmeen will be the one to anchor today’s social night. Ruth had just her baby phonetic voice while I still don’t know what Charmeen will bring to the table; he is just the fine, handsome big boy in the studio. Getting to the backstage, I discovered Charmeen was drunk. Not that it was excess but everything about him smells alcohol. That now raises the question that is it compulsory or necessary that you must take alcohol before you can be able to face or address the crowd? Moses, our manager was so angry. In fact, everything just didn’t work fine for the OBS group tonight. All the Mics and speakers were not at their best. The performance was good from platoon 3 but it was soured by the non-functionality of the microphones. It’s just so pathetic. I called Seyi to know where she was. After some minutes, she came around and we were under the tree in front of the multipurpose hall discussing. We discussed so many things: family, camp life and when her wedding would be coming up. From our discussion, she told me she lost her mum in 2009. Her Dad stays in Ekiti and he is a pastor. She is also the last born of her family and intended getting married within the next 2 years. When it was 9.30pm, she asked me to walk her down to her hostel. We were talking along the way, with her holding my hands and her head on my shoulder all through the walk to her hostel. One thing I discovered about her is that she is an introvert, just like me too but what she doesn’t know is that I have a way of dealing with a co-introvert. We talked about the rumors going round the camp that we were dating. I told her it is better we tell the guys in the studio that nothing like that is happening between us but she insisted she wants it to remain that way. She also told me that Mighty mic was trying to approach her but since the incidence happened which brought me to the fold, he has withdrawn himself from her automatically. I was just laughing and staring at her at the same time so she can speak more. She said so many things like what her friends were saying too, most importantly the ones that came to check on her in the clinic. After a long talk, at 9.55pm, I bid her farewell and as usual she hugged me.
I got back to the room by 10pm. U go was busy eating so I kuku joined him. The room was bubbling as usual and we all discussed and congratulated landlord for his platoon success today. We discussed till around 11.15pm before sleep took everybody away.

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