My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 40

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The bugle was blown at 3.44pm and lots of us troop out to the parade ground. To our greatest surprise, we were told that everybody should line up according to their platoon. Everyone was expecting the volleyball and football game to start but to our greatest surprise, we were told it was parade that is going to go on. We were forced to sit down on the bare floor throughout the parade, to the dismal of the corpers but they have no choice, do they? We have to obey their commands. We sat and watched the parades for over an hour before we were told to stand up at 5.55pm to go straight to our various hostels. The rumor now circulating is that the camp commandant, Captain Balal as determined that he would force the soldiers to wake us all to sit at the parade ground from 2am. Are you kidding me? He must be crazy. How can we wake up as early as 2am? Na soldier work we collect? I rushed back to the studio at 6.20pm since our show has been slated for 6.30pm or immediately after the news update. Only Nonso was around while Dafe and Ekene was nowhere to be found yet again. Am sure they will show up when the show is about to start. Tuwo and Okro were served as dinner and I just had no choice than to eat it. It tastes nice thou being the first time I will be eating it. I sat alongside seyi. When I was leaving for the hostel, she followed me, clinging to my arms like we’re lovers. We talked about some issues and moreover I told her I don’t like the way she clinches with me like that because I don’t want an issue between her and her admirers/toasters in the camp. She asked me If am ashamed that she is with me. She asked if it’s a crime for her to show her affections to me. Her words stroked me deep down. I can sense her feelings for me, even though she still doesn’t want to spill it out. She got angry and was about leaving. I held her hands and begged her and also make her not to feel dejected. She was feeling really bad like am rejecting her. I talked to her and held her hands and we both walked down for the social night. I made sure I held her hands tight and not wanting to let her go. Dafe and oyin were the guys that anchored the show tonight.

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