My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 43

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Part 43
Dafe and I had the sport update show together. Ayo Taylor, our producer also joined us when we were discussing about the volleyball games. Ayo, HOK and Henrietta were to anchor the social night today. The show went well but the issue was that the platoon that was to perform that night was not ready. Seyi and I were together all through the show having our little talks. We went to the mamee market to eat before going our separate ways. Today marks the end of SAED and am glad I would have enough time for myself tomorrow.
I woke up around 3.12am but I still wanted to sleep more. I later woke up at 4.25am to prepare for the morning parade. The bugle was blown at 4.33am and in a matter of minutes, we all trooped out in numbers to the parade ground. After the fellowship, we recited the national anthem, NYSC anthem and the pledge. Seyi and I were standing together on the queue till the man o war took over for the morning exercises. I don’t know what came over me until I saw myself remixing one of the man o war songs and everyone was singing and dancing to the song. We will be rounding up on Monday so I was singing “Monday, Monday, Monday, we dey go home! They all screamed “Monday! We dey go home Monday! Too much of cold we don finish! Monday! They shouted. It was more like a gyration. Everybody loved it. Even the Man o war guy in charge of our platoon kept quiet and was enjoying my remix. After we danced round the hostel, the people on parade was separated from us for the parade while the rest of us was freed but we still have to remain on the parade ground.
At 8am, the bugle was blown for breakfast. I went to Omolara’s restaurant to eat what my stomach wants because the yam and stew that was served in the kitchen don tire me. I went back to the hostel to shit, bath and even had some little time to wash some clothes. Ify informed me that we put on our NYSC crested vest for the OBS since today is the variety night so I had to put it on. At 9.50am, the bugle was blown and it was time for lectures again at the multipurpose hall. The guy lecturing is named Emeka. He discussed about Job interviews and the things surrounding it. The lecture was interesting and it took about 2 hours before he finally left the podium. After he left, lots of corper trooped out even thou the lecture was not over yet. There are still some guest speaker waiting to talk to us but it was boring already. I left there at 12.21pm to check outside. Earlier, Seyi called me with Ekene’s number to bring my white T-shirt for customizing ahead of the variety night. Lots of the guys were in the studio including seyi. They dint even bother to come out for the lectures at all. Aminat was collecting N200 for the fee of the customizing. 12.50pm, sitting and doing some update in my book. I waited in the studio till the lecture was over. We no kuku know wetin dey wan give us chop this afternoon.

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