My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 44

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One of the technical guys, Jerry brought out his guitar in one of the rooms in the studio and was playing it. The way he was playing it drew my attention and I moved towards him. He was trying to get the right tune for Bob Marley’s freedom. He tried alongside Dafe. Dafe was also trying to get the lyrics of the song but they couldn’t get both the tune of the song and the lyrics very well. I told Jerry to try something different from the Bob Marley’s tune and I formed lyrics around it. The way I was singing towards the tune caught the attention of everyone in the studio. This made Sylvia to join us in trying out something too. In a matter of minutes, I was able to compose a song for the OBS but it has not blending it very well. I couldn’t believe I could make such a composition that it even made our manager, Moses and the rest of the guys interested and they later joined us too. During this session, they brought in food from the kitchen and it was Eba and the watery Egusi soup. After eating, I went outside so I could get a full composition of the lyrics. When I was able to get two verses complete, I came back inside to continue the rehearsal if you call it that. I knew I have this thing for music but I never had that time. I can twist and remix any music be it hip hop or highlife. My two brothers were a choir at the apostolic church while I am just a normal church member without taking any post or using my talent for God.
After the lunch, we had a group photograph while the sport crew also had theirs too. Seyi came to to me so we could have our own personal pics too and we took it immediately. Nonso was absent because of his state of health which I heard was bad and he is still in the hostel. After taking the photograph we did the rehearsal again till around 4.05pm when Mighty Mic asked Ekene and I to go and cover the platoon games final. The game started around 4.35pm and at the end platoon 3 won the tournament 1-0 against platoon 7. Platoon 7 also lost in the volleyball games by 2 sets. Did I forget to tell you that Dafe had my breakfast this morning because Chelsea won their game yester night. Now it’s my time to eat his dinner but unfortunately after the game, we had to change our shirts and head to the multipurpose hall for the long awaited variety night. We couldn’t have our sports chow because of the event so we just have to let things be for now. And regarding he song I composed, we were thinking of performing the song tonight but the unavailability of the speaker for the platoon game final made Mighty Mic angry and he said we won’t be perfuming the song tonight. I wonder when we will be able to perform the song if not on a big night like the variety night where everyone will be available to see it. The guys were optimistic that the song was going to be a hit but mighty mic has ruled it out, we have no choice than to let the sleeping dog lie. The customized shirt we paid for was brought and we all had them on, making us look different and unique. Every one of us had different names at the back, names like Fire, MC Dafex, DJ Aboki, Gold, Seyishay,etc but I choosed OLAOLOWO. It was written boldly and I love it. Its 7.50pm and we were awaiting the commencement of the program which will begin by 8pm. I went to the backstage to monitor the Macho men and how they will line up when the show would start. It was sad to see that most of the corpers are really angry with all OBS crew. Everything that goes bad was caused by the OBS. All the blames was being put on us but what they never knew was that we were also following orders from above. They must know that it is not our fault because the NYSC officials didn’t provide adequate equipments for us to use. In fact, our manager, Moses, was really angry this night and he is ready to beat anybody. Ekene was angry too and we both left the backstage to the main hall.

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