My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 49

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I woke up 4.26am to get dressed for the morning parade. The trumpet has been blown around 4.31am but the guys are not even bothered sef. The soldier’s sef don tire unlike before that they will come and start shouting on us and also giving us punishment. Alopay called everyone for a meeting. As usual, the people that will be participating in the parade were separated from us. I called Seyi to know her state of health. She told me she was at the studio. I met her lying down on the bed. Pap and bean cake was served in the studio. Our manager, Moses and his planning committee was planning on the OBS Party that was planned for tomorrow. The platoons also was cooking, killing goats, chickens, cows for their different platoon against the camp fire night. We’ve been told that the platoon would be cooking and serving themselves. Currently 11.30am. All platoons are busy cooking and preparing for the camp fire night but am in the hostel with the guys watching the wooli agba’s video collection.
After watching for some hours, I decided to have a bed rest for some hours before getting lunch. I woke up by 2.05pm and decided to go and eat at mama amaka’s restaurant. Ugo asked me to get him a food in a take away when coming. I waited for 30 minutes before pounded yam got ready. After eating, I got Ugo’s fried rice, plantain and chicken. I also branched at one of the Aboki’s shop to get a fried chicken for to N250. I got a bag of water along the way too because I know there was no water for ugo to eat. Ugo was fast asleep when I got back to the room so I just dropped the food and water beside him to pick an incoming call from Seyi. She actually called me to come for lunch at the studio. Eba and egusi was served but I was only able to eat little. After eating, I went to the photo stand to get the photograph we snapped in the OBS studio on Thursday. The picture was nice mehn. I got two copies of the pictures I snapped with Ekene and Dafe and the one I snapped with Seyi. I got back to the studio and I gave Seyi her own copy. She loved it and she couldn’t but help to show them to the rest of the guys and they all loved it. Looking into her eyes, I can see that she was blushing and am sure the pictures will keep memories. Later on, Seyi and I chatted till the trumpet was blown for the evening parade so I went straight to the parade ground to see what is going on. Oga Saviour, one of the technical guys that we have in OBS chatted for a while before the parade started. When the parade was about to start, he suggested that we should return to the studio. Getting to the studio, I went to where seyi sat and we got sited to discuss so many things; the camp, life, her family, school and she also can’t stop talking about LOVE but the truth was that my emotions was locked up. I don’t want to feel any pains or emotions towards her. It’s obvious that she loves me but how am I going to tell her that I don’t feel the same for her? Ella also has feelings for me too. This is just ridiculous. Felt something for Ella back In ogun state before she told me her age but afterwards, I have zeroed my mind towards her but am surprised when she confessed that she feel something for me and its obvious.

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