My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 51

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At 10.45pm, people were going round the fire because the cold was getting much. Seyi told me that we should move there too. At this time, the D.J has started packing already. We held hands, took some couple of pictures together. She kept looking into my eyes like she would find some answers to the question going on in her mind. Surely she was madly in love with me but I wasn’t feeling anything. My emotions are locked up. During this time, we went to the mamee to eat. She said a lot of things which I can’t even write. Her feelings, people’s thought about us, even the soldier, Chukwuma approached her but they all thought we were dating. She talked about Bisi, Mighty Mic, and a guy in our platoon (who is married). On her own side, the only thing she knew that won’t make things work out between us was the genotype. She was “AS” while I was “AS” too. Something she discovered from my I.D Card. She told me Eka has also asked her about me whether we were dating. She had explained to her too and that was where I was beginning to fear her. She was deeply in love and ready to do anything. She does not even want to see me with any girl (She confessed that too). Then she asked the unthinkable, my age. I managed to scrape the question. What’s the essence of knowing my age when we know things won’t work out between us. Oh Seyi! It’s just one of the things in life!

When it was 11.20pm, she asked me to walk her to her hostel which I did. She never don’t want me to go but she has no choice. She gave me one of the longest hugs she has ever given me. I strolled back to the room with the food package we got from our platoon. A bad fried rice with Salad and a piece of meat. Ha! The future of Nigeria’s future housewives is bad! They can’t cook common fried rice upon all their forming for platoon. Getting to the room, it was boom with the guys eating from different take away and also complains about the food. That is what I love about my guys! They are complaining about the food they are eating. God punish devil. Food must not waste. We just joked and laughed about everything. Seriously, our girls are a bad cook. Forget about the winner, the future of our Nigerian wives is not bright at all.

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