My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 61

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This journey seems to be getting far more than I expected o. I used the top radio app to listen sports cafe. I don miss that program o. Some minutes after, we saw a rock which was set ablaze with fire. Only God knows why. Currently 8.20pm, I still don’t know where we are currently but when we got to Akwanga local govt, Abwa road, Nasarawa state, I begged the girl sitting with me that we should switch sits. There, the bus had a stopover for anybody who wants to urinate. The sign boards we were passing are somehow hard to read. Along that road, I saw a big super market named Minki Suites which looks like Shoprite, big and it was all flooded with lights. 9.16pm, currently at Akwanga road at 9:20pm. We’ve currently linked up to the express road where we’ve been stopped at a police check point at 9.35pm. We were told to come down and they inspected all our i.d cards and the bus before they let us go at 9.50pm. Its 10.40pm, and we are still on the expressway with flood light everywhere then we saw an accident which just happened some few minutes before we got there. I saw a sign board which Centenary city was written boldly on it and we also saw another sign board of Baze University along the road. We stopped again at Jibeco filling station at 11pm. I don’t know maybe it’s for people to get down urinating or he wants to refuel. Almost everyone is getting down now to ease their selves. I got down too and discovered that we were in Abuja. We moved again after refueling at 11.17pm. After Journeying for some hours, I think we’re around Kogi State and the driver has stopped a bit. I don’t know why this time but am sure we’ll leave very soon. By 12.55am, he moved. I just sighted a motel in lokoja. After a long night of journeying, at 5.10am, we stopped at Akure to drop the corpers who wants to drop there. At 5.24am, we got to the federal university of Agriculture, Akure, got to Ife at 6.35am. The journey seems fast. We got to OAU at 6.40am.

At 7.01am, the driver parked at the young shall grow Motor Park in front of the Nigerian brewery pls in Ibadan. We dropped there and got a taxi that took us straight to the NYSC secretariat for N200. Eka, Jessica, Eniola and I sat at the back and the journey took about 45- 50 minutes. We met other corp member like us there too. We opted to print the relocation letter first before going to the office to submit it. The queue was not much though. Within minutes, we were through. We were given dates but from the way I looked at it, the corpers from Yobe was told to come back on the 8th of January 2015. While the Ibadan corpers got a 7th of January 2015 appointment I called Aunt Esther to get her address. Ibadan, Here I come! Here am I!

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