My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 62

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I got to Sister Esther’s apartment around 10.05am after taking a bike from Top garden in Agodi. I changed took my bath, eat and patiently waiting when I would be heading home. I slept for 2 hours before I finally woke up. I saw some couple of missed calls from my boss and a friend of mine. I know I will surely face my boss tomorrow so there is no need returning his call. He is just a pain in the yanch. (Laughs) Sister

Esther and her apprentice which I discovered that her name was Lola was still their sowing. Maybe I forgot to add that Sister Esther was a fashion designer. I put a call through to Eniola to ask about her whereabouts. I was actually thinking if we could travel down to ogun state together but her line was not reachable. When it was 3pm, I started packing my bags, heading towards the exit door. Sister Esther assisted me with some of my bags down to the junction of her street where I got a bike. I got to Iwo road around 4pm, boarded a bus going to Sango. January 8th is the day given to me and my peeps to come back for the full registration and PPA things! Next up is the preparation for Ugo’s wedding coming up this weekend. Yes! December 19 has been the date we’ve all been waiting for and I really wait for that day to come.

Fast forward to 18th December, work has been so tedious. It’s just as if all the office work was waiting for me to come back. And to make the matters worse, yesterday, 17th of December was the visitation of the external auditors. Now I see the reasons why my boss has been disturbing me to come back. Quadri has done a good job while I was away but their won’t be any chance of any bleep up if an around and any mistake would be a non-conformity for the department and that would be a big stain on our record because ever since I joined the organization, I maintained a clean sheet of no non-conformity in both internal and external audit.

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