My NYSC experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 63

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When I was about to close for the day, I went to meet my Boss to inform him that I will be leaving the office very early the next day which was on Saturday because of my brother’s wedding which I must attend. Of course Ugo is my brother, yea, and a brother from another mother. He grumbles a bit before finally granting it. The next day, I pulled a call across to Iya Ijo and Officer Thomas so we could go there together. I got a small gift pack for the occasion. Gloria, Ugo and I’s mutual friend lives around ikorodu, so I want to use the opportunity to see her too so I called her that to use the opportunity to see her too so I called her that she must come for the wedding also. After convincing her, she finally agreed to come.

Ugo’s wedding was glamorous. A typical igbo wedding. Ugo must have been saving well enough towards this wedding. It was just a traditional wedding. Goddy, the Goddynator was already there orchestrating things. He really tried. We were also expecting Matosha who also promised to come but at the end, we couldn’t see his break light. Am sure he was having a good time with his NYSC girlfriend, Mariam. I was really happy for Ugo. Finally tying the knot with Beautiful Onyinye! Ugo was dressed in typical Delta attire with a walking stick. How I wish Ejike and landlord was also here with us. Am sure none of the bride’s maid would return home without Ejike collecting their digits. Ejike, the bad boy! I saw some old faces at the wedding. Aunty Nurse, Ugo’s former neighbor at Aduke Thomas. Let’s you know, she was the one that nicknamed Ugo ‘’Pastor’’ because of all the different girls Ugo claimed to be preaching to in his room. I can’t stop laughing the day she told me. Am sure Ugo won’t dare that again, now that there is a beautiful bride in Onyinye. He won’t want to try the Ogbono and Egusi theory. Do you still want to ask what the theory is all about? No woooooray. Like landlord will say…


Watch out for the Season 2…This time, it will be my life as a corp member in Ibadan!

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