My nysc experience and 21 days in camp diary episode 8

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We were taking a stroll down to the town, away from the quarters, Mr. Ola was giving us some details or maybe I can call it some sort of information about the Jos/Plateau life. He showed us round the place, like the NAMAN quarters, FAAN quarters, the poultry which was owned by some of the staff, the FAAN high school, the uncompleted building owned by the airline and the different types of bricks that was used in building. He said the bricks are being sold as low as N12 as it was made from sand, cement and particular grass.
Plateau is really a beautiful place. Mr. Ola said he once remembered when he was coming to Jos, he said his parents disapproved it at first but he told them as long as people are still living in Jos, he would surely survive. He took us to Mr. kehinde’s wife shop. Remember Mr. kehinde? The Arik staff that we went to his place at first, the father of two. We branched her shop and greeted her. We chatted and from our discussion, she said she has been living in Jos for over 8 years now. I was damn amazed. 8 years in this cold? They keep saying the cold has not even started at all. We were also introduced to an ex-corper who has refused to go back to Lagos after his NYSC in Jos. From explanation, he said he has enjoyed all his stay in Jos and he did not see any good reason why he must go back to Lagos to start struggling.
Mr. Ola led us to a local restaurant where we ate semo with Egusi soup. While taking our meal, he keep gisting us about the events that has been happening in the state capital. He showed us a building, a motel to be precise, which according to him was always filled to the bream. He explained further that one particular day, the Boko haram group stormed the motel and killed everyone on sight. According to him, only one man survived the disaster and the man now works in the airport although with a disfigured arm. It was really a sad incidence to have witnessed. After finishing the semo, we got a slice bread beside the so called restaurant, took a bike straight back to the quarters.
We got to the quarters late in the night. We were welcomed by Mr. Dan, the Arik official who gave us the offer of staying in his apartment. From my finding, he is still single so he has available rooms where we could stay for the night. As he led us to his apartment, we couldn’t stop lamenting about the weather. Mr. Dan is a dark, tall and handsome man from Kaduna. He prepared tea for us, accompanied with bread we bought, we ate, gisted till we all got tired and everyone went to the available rooms to sleep. I couldn’t sleep at all. This was my first time in Jos and everything in the environments clearly different from what I have felt in the past. It’s just as if we have a longer night as I woke up like 3 times before I finally resigned to fate around 4. I went on reading some literature works on the internet for like an hour before going to Bisola’s room to disturb her. Did I have to tell you that we slept in different rooms? Ugo and I in a room while Bisola had a room to herself.

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