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Apologies for the inability to post weekly updates for some stories as usual.It was due to some challenges we had with the newly released season 9 of Adebimpe the Facebook girl and introduction of some new stories.
Also, some new fans of onihaxy media have been demanding for updates on our past stories which they couldn’t access. As a result of this, we came up with a new schedule for our stories to balance the demand of our fans and readers. The schedule is shown below.

MONDAYS: Save my world (a new story)

TUESDAYS : throwback story ( Sex , Robbery, and delivery service)

WEDNESDAYS: Confession of a funaab yahoo boy

THURSDAYS: throwback story ( Tale of a private lesson teacher)

FRIDAYS: The police and the hacker boy


SUNDAYS: Sunday gists.

This schedule is also applicable for our website updates and may be subjected to a review as time goes on depending on the demands and suggestions from the readers.
As for weekly episodes of Adebimpe the facebook girl season 9. We are still strategizing on protection measures to secure the story from sabotages. We will start posting when we have put things in place.


Keep glued to Onihaxy media as we continue to deliver fantastic stories and services to you. Thanks.

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