Oluchi, the travails of terror episode 3

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November 4 , 2015
Oluchi, travails of terror ( Episode 3 )
“ I am getting a new wife , since you people have become unmanageable , I have to get someone to drive sense into your heads ” , Mr Emenike told a bewildered Oluchi even before she had a chance to understand the import of his statement .
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity but actually had been a few seconds, she was able to choke out a response ,
” okay sir , congratulations sir ”
Her father grunted in reply and abruptly walked out toward the general direction of his room.
For a long moment , she sat down, wondering what it meant for her father to take a new woman so soon after her mother died .
Does it mean he had forgotten her so soon ?
For how long had he known this mystery lady ?
Was she coming to replace her mother ?
These and many other thoughts ran through her mind as she sat .
After a few moments, she got up , and slowly made her way to her room upstairs , stopping at intervals to think .
The next day was a school day and she went through the motions of getting dressed .
Hopping into the car with her sister, she wore a long expression throughout the short ride to school.
It was the same expression she wore through the morning classes and when it was break time, she walked through the school hallways so deeply engrossed in thoughts she barely noticed when she stumbled into someone.
“ Well well well, look who came around”, a voice spoke.
She jerked her head up just in time to see the beginning of a lascivious grin spread across the face of Emeka. Of all the persons she could have walked into, it had to be him.
” sorry ” , she quickly replied, attempting to walk past him. The crowd of students walking the hallways were gradually thinning and she did not want to be alone with him when it was all deserted .
“ Not so fast angel ”, he teased her .
” I know you got my note yesterday , and I want us to get down dirty . When will you be chanced .
She groaned with unmasked disgust at his affront, and wresting her hand from his grip, she made her way past him and back to her class without offering him a word or a backward glance . She had heard from various girls about his brusque approach to sexual matters and though she had previously found it fascinating when hearing the stories, witnessing it upfront made her shudder in disgust.
She took her seat located at the back of the class, and waited for her least favorite teacher of Geography to come and drone off his topics .
The rest of the day went by in a blur and when the school bell rang for the close of day, she made her way to the waiting car , and when both her and her sister were safely in the vehicle, it took them home .
She was surprised to see her father sitting down in the sofa , but what was more surprising was the lady sitting by his side .
“ Hello beautiful kids ”, she seemed to scream in a high pitched voice , ” I hope you are well behaved children because your new mommy is here now

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