Oluchi, travails of terror episode 6

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Oluchi, travails of terror ( Episode 6 )
She formed the kernel of her plan to escape on her hospital bed. In total , she had five thousand naira as her entire life savings . It was tucked in a sock she kept under her mattress . Where she would go was not as much of a bother to her as where she was running from.
She thought about her younger ones and what would befall then when she left, but she was convinced that they would be fine.
Her father so far had behaved like someone under a strong enchantment . If he was cold before , he was positively dissociated and seemed to do all that Stella said without question .
Her mind turned to Stella and she thought of how possible it was that there was so much wickedness in just one person .
Despite her misgivings towards her , she mumbled a silent prayer for Stella, for her to repent from her evil .
She then thought of how she was going to escape from her oppressive home , and as she slowly drifted off to sleep, a plan began to form in her mind.
The day she was discharged from the hospital , she climbed into the waiting vehicle brought to take her home . On the ride back, she couldn ’ t tear her mind from the terrible situation back at home and she hardly realized when the car pulled up in the driveway of her home . She made to open the door and go upstairs to begin packing her things but she was met at the door by a grinning Stella , holding her fist up to her face .
“ Welcome back thief” she smiled with so much gusto , Oluchi wondered if her sanity was gone .
“ So you are now a thief, stealing my money?” And opening her fist , unveiled a wrap of notes Oluchi realized was her entire life savings , earmarked to sustain her in her few days of escape .
“ I am happy I have caught you, think about your evils while you sleep outside.” She said while slamming the door in her face .
Tears streamed down Oluchis face as she realized that it would be a cold chilly night spent away from home .

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