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I am writing this to paint the consequence of the new admission system announced recently by the Minister of Education(Mr.Adamu Adamu).”The use of O level result as a determinant of student’s admission into tertiary institutions “.Though, the new system was welcomed by masses but when I gave it a rethink I effectuated the bad effects of the system of which some were enumerated in the following paragraphs.
This new system will exacerbate the present level of examination malpractice among students.When this new system has not been implemented in the various admission process conducted few years ago,high level of examination malpractice was recorded by the so called external examination conductor; WAEC,NECO,JAMB etc.Then students were admitted with the minimum of five credit and still high level of examination malpractice was recorded. Isn’t it obvious that students will now do their best possible to subscribe for the real and confirmed examination answers just to attain A1 in their O level result for them to be admitted into the tertiary institutions.
However, the skipping of the formal admission process is also among the bad effect of this new system .It is clear that after successful acquisition of O level result and Jamb,still needs to undergo another exam which is conducted by the tertiary institution for proper cross-examination of the ability of various student.Since those formal processes have been nullified, student find it easy to gain admission and thus constitute to the poor performance of students in tertiary institutions.
Furthermore, this new system will aggravate the level of illiteracy in the country.This will occur when student who claim to be believers and are educationally mediocre agree that they can not sit down,write the exam by themselves and have A1.They will not want to indulge in examination malpractice either written or of any other form.Fortunately,the result came and the grades was what they expect I.e “C”. The funniest thing is that this average result can not guarantee their admission into tertiary institutions if we are to use this new system, so they quit schooling and end up constituting to the increase in the level of illiteracy.
Last but not least is the unnecessary delay brought by this new system. It is self evidence that the utilization of this new system in this year admission process brings a lot of delays.Students were not admitted on time.
I purposely wrote this to persuade the government to put an end to this new system to avoid unnecessary crisis.

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