Poor but rich episode 10

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Episode 10
I woke up on Sunday morning, 6:00am, I prepared for church for church, cooked some noodles, yes, that’s the easiest food I can cook without stress.
I went to church, after church services I got back home, cooked (don’t ask, it’s noodles again),ate, watched movies, slept off.
Monday morning, I woke up, did some cleaning, I prepared for school.i left exactly 7:00am. I got to school around 7:15am, I met temmy in the class, she saw me, I greeted her, she didn’t answer
Me: temmy, are you not the one am greeting?
Temmy: if I choose not to answer you, can’t you just go away?
Me: whaaaaat?
Temmy: exactly what you heard
(she walked away, I was depressed, and I love this girl ooo, how am I going to tell her that I love her? I don’t even know if she has feelings for me? And why did she started behaving like that when she saw benita and I kissing?) I dropped my bag on my desk, I was heading to corper zainab’s office when I saw James and his gang
James: poor boy, morning
Me: rich boy good morning
James: wow, it’s a good thing you finally know your status, you finally realise that we are not on the same level
Me: yeah, Mr rich
James: how about the excursion? Am sure you won’t be able to raise #5,000 for that, but look at me, my dad gave me #5,000 today
Me: wow, congratulations (my mum gave me #10,000 since last week, and here is someone bragging with just half of the amount, and it’s even a week after, I thought)
James: thanks, (laugh sarcastically)
After the excursion, I will show you the pictures and explain everything to you
Me: really?
James: yeah
Me: oh, thanks, but I don’t need it, I have to go now
James: you haven’t change a bit, you are still the arrogant boy I met on that day
Me: arrogant is different from bragging, you may say am arrogant, but you are always bragging about your dad’s wealth, come to think of it, what’s going to happen to you if in a flash, your dad loose all his money and his properties? Am sure you are going to hang yourself till death, because your hope is on your dad,and you are looking up to your dad’s money, try staying on your own without depending on your parents, food for thought…..
I left him moody, busy battling with his thought and emotions……
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