Poor but rich episode 14

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****I got home, i greet my mum***
me: mum, good afternoon
mum: good afternoon son..
me: mum, tomorrow is our excursion day
mum: well, that’s good, am also travelling to abuja tomorrow
me: why?
mum: am going for a business meeting
me: **chai… this woman, always working, she dont even have much time for his children** alright, safe journey**straight face**
mum: why are you like that? please son, i really need to go for this meeting or else my career will be ruined, so please, after this meeting i will discuss with your dad when he’s back from his business trip
me: whatever….
mum: son?
me: mum, you and dad, just enjoy your life, dont even care for your son, all you cared for is money
mum: your father and i are working very hard to secure a very good future for you, your brother, and your sisters
me: fine, just do that **i snapped**
i walked out on her, i got to my room, slept off
thursday morning, finally excursion day, 4:00am, i woke up, brushed my teeth, have a warm bath, i got to my closet, picked one of my many uniforms, picked one out of my many sneakers, picked one out of my many underwears **wondering why am using the word ‘many’ ? dont ask me oooo, mum is always showering me with all those thing** after dressing myself up for like what seems like hours, its 5:30am, i got to the sitting room, i dashed out, i didnt even say good bye to my mum talkless of collecting t-fare from her, i didnt want to talk to her, you know why now, i checked my bag, i saw my wallet, i opened it, i saw #15,000 in my wallet, i checked my bag, i saw my ………………………….. ***guess what it is** i know you guys are not good at guessing, ok its my iphone6, i switched it on, but i forgot to put it on silent…..
finally, i got to school, i saw james and his gang, all my classmates are surprised to see me
james: so, you are going for excursion?
me: yes, as you can see, unless you are blind
james: oh, finally, your mum got someone to borrow her #5,000 for the excursion fee
me: whatever…

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i sat at one corner not far from where my classmates are sitting, some minutes later, i heard a ringtone that sounds like my ringtone, i waited for some minutes, so that person will bring out his phone and pick his call*** Oh God, please dont let it be my phone**
james: tolu, pick your call naw, or you dont want everybody to see your tanasobe(china phone)?
**everybody laughs**
me: whats your problem with that?
i stood up from where they are sitting to pick my call, its my mum calling **should i answer?**
me: hello
mum: son, why didnt you tell me when you are leaving? i could have droped you
me: no need mum
mum: are you still in school?
me: yes
mum: ok am on my way to your school, i need to give you something before leaving…
me: yehhhh!!!!!!!
mum: nothing
**she cut the call, oh my mum is on her way here, what do i do now, i dont want them to know that she’s rich, oh God!!!!
watch out for episode 15

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