Poor but rich episode 17

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i fell into the swimming pool, thank God i knew how to swim, people started panicking, that pool was one of the deepest pool at that place, i swimmed out of the pool, no one came to my rescue, i got no friends, except mr badmus that came to me, i think he knows the person who pushed me.
mr badmus: take this, **handing a white towel to me**
me: thank you sir
mr badmus: dont worry, the person who did this is surely going to pay for this
me: **i looked at benita, she looked at somewhere else, i thought she did, i also looked at james eye, he did the same as benita, then who pushed me? i asked myself**
mr badmus: gabriel**one of james boys** come here
gabriel: yes sir
mr badmus: why did you pushed tolu?
gabriel: i didnt pushed him sir
mr badmus: shut up, and tell me the reason why you pushed him, you think i didnt see you?
gabriel: ehmmm ehmm, its james and benita, they told me to push tolu into the pool, i didnt want to do it, but james threatened me, he told me he will deal with me if i dont do it, thats why i oblige, am very sorry sir
mr badmus: whaat? james, benita, is that true?
james: am sorry sir, actualy its benita’s idea
mr badmus: oh oh, benita, is that true?
benita: am sorry sir, we both planned it
mr badmus: wow, well lets continue the excursion, you all must come to my office tomorrow, your case will be transfer to the principal, you hear?
james, benit and i: yes sir
mr badmus: well, get ready we are now going to ikogosi in ekiti state

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everybody was very happy, we all got into the bus, its a very bad thing, when someone spoil your good mood on a good journey, though i cant say am having fun, i just sat alone, i looked at temmy’s face she seems so worried, i caught her stealing glances at me, and any time she did that, our eyes met and she will be smilling, i have no idea of what she’s thinking, anyway if we are both meant for each other she will surely be mine.
after one hour twenty minutes, we reached ikogosi, the place was such ancient place, they showed us many things, they showed us the source of the warm water, which is under the rock, we were also told that the cold water source is unknown, they told us the cold water came from the forest, the white people traced for many years without finding the source, then they backed off, many people started jotting, but why, some people are dummy head sha, they cant remember this simple thing, o ga oooo…
everybody enjoyed the excursion except me, james and benita spoiled my mood, but all is well, we will all get our judgement at school on friday, everybody was just moving around, inspecting things, i sat down thinking about what the future holds for me, should i start letting people know that am not from a poor family? am even tired of playing games..
its time to go back home, we all got into the school bus, we started our journey back to ogbomoso, temmy was just smilling but she did not talk to me, and i didnt bother talking to her, i have my pride and dignity to protect, well temmy was there when benita gave me a kiss and i also returned the kiss with a very hot slap, since that time, she started smilling..
we are finally getting close to ogbomoso, i checked the time its 9:45pm, we got to ogbomoso by 10:05pm, we alighted at the school gate, i stayed there because that was the only place i always got cab going to my area, everybody started going home, soon it remained only me, standing, i stayed there for thirty minutes no cab, oh how do i get home now? i thought, soon everywhere became dark and quiet, if i should go and stay in an hotel, the closest hotel to my school is two kilometres way, am so much exhausted, i cant trek, not long after someone tapped me on the shoulder, fear catched me, i turned, i saw…………………….

watch out for episode 18
who tapped me?


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