Poor but rich episode 2

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Episode 2
One part of me told me to ran for my dear life, while the other part told me to wait no matter what happens.
I decided to wait,but am scared and temmy could see it through my face.
Temmy: are you scared because of them?
Me: (chaii!!!!! This girl caught me sha, but I no dey carry last naw) nooooo!!!!! Why will I be?
Then the boys got to where we are, the leader says: hi dude, am James, am the leader of this group, we are the powerful boys in school,we are going round for recruit of new boys in school to our group(i quickly taught, which kind of group is that? Army, air force, police, navy, those are the groups that always do recruit, o ga oooo)
James: my dad got money, I mean too much money, and you know, am the richest boy in school, have been to London, Germany, America, South Africa, Canada, Ghana, and many other countries
Me: waitin concern me, omoh see campaign ooo
(temmy laugh very hard)
James: what!!!! You embarrassed me, but don’t you worry, I can still take you as my school bodyguard, and you’ll probably be in my group.
Me: James thanks for your offer, but am fine, and am not interested, thanks once again(i walked out on him)
James: bravo, you will surely pay for this, I will make your life miserable as long as you are still in this school, I promise you that.
Me: do your worst james(i snapped at him and went to the principal’s office, I don’t even care about temmy.
I greet the principal, he told me to pull a chair and sit, I obeyed immediately, he welcome me and gave me the school rules and regulations, he told me to go to ss1A Which is science, he gave me different forms to fill, after everything, assembly is over, I went straight to ss1A, I saw the only empty chair that tagged my name on it, and I nearly fainted with what I saw, guess who is sitting in my front, and who Is sitting by my right hand side

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