Poor but rich episode 20

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i was exonerated from the case, because james was the messenger in the act, he was given three weeks suspension, and for benita, she was expelled, and why? she tried to kill me two times but it failed, thanks to God
i went to my class with joy in my face, benita was crying, holding the expulsion letter, i felt sympathy for her, but there is nothing i can do, i sat on my chair with temmy facing me, we are both talking, and gisting, not long after, corper zainab send someone to call me, temmy wasn’t cool with it, she looked at me an awkward manner, i begged her to please let me go, she later accepted, i went to corper zainab’s office, i saw her sitting, she was pressing her phone
me: good morning
corper zainab: baby boy, why did you do that to me?
me: what did i do?
corper zainab: you went to the excursion, you dont even called me, you came back today, you didnt even come for me
me: okay am sorry, i also have a good news for you
corper zainab: what is that?
me: temmy is now my girlfriend
corper zainab: wow, congratulations
**not in a cheerful mood**
me: what? aren’t you happy about it?
corper zainab: tolu, you want to hear the truth?
me: yes
corper zainab: ok, am not happy about it, you will leave me for that girl?
me: am sorry, but i have to do anything that lies with my happiness
corper zainab: ok, will i be seeing you tommorow?
me: hmmmm, yes but i wont take long, i still have an appointment with temmy tomorrow
corper zainab: no problem, but make sure you drop by
me: i will

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she was a little bit happy, we chatted about the excursion and everything that happens their concerning the pool issue, its closing time.. i started the journey to temmy’s house with temmy and i handing each other……
we got to their house, we entered
temmy and i: good afternoon sir
temmy’s dad: good afternoon, how is school today?
temmy and i: fine..
temmy: dad, let me go and freshen up, i’ll be back in a jiffy
temmy’s dad: ok daughter

temmy went upstairs, leaving me and her dad in the sitting room
temmy’s dad: what’s your name?
me: tolu, tolu owoeye sir
temmy’s dad: owoeye? don’t tell me you are the son of owoeye’s
me: yes i am
temmy’s dad: wow, kemi is my long time friend, so as your father
me: wow

temmy finally showed up
temmy: wow, dad, am glad you two are having a good time
temmy’s dad: yes daughter

after chatting for sometimes, i was getting bored with the conversation, so i decided to go home, temmy accompanied me to the road, she promised to come to my house one day, then she told me that her dad will be travelling that night, and her mum wont be back in two months, i told her that our case is not that different, i promised that i will come to her house on saturday, i got a cab we bid each other goodbye not after collecting my cell phone number..

wow, now i got two different appointment, how do i go about it? should i go temmy’s house? no, she won’t release me on time, or should i go to corper zainab’s lodge? hell no, she will kill me, with what? guess now…..i got home, i checked my time, its 6:00pm, i opened the door, i went straight to the kitchen, i cooked some noodles, i ate, went to my room, and slept off..

saturday morning, 6:00am, door bell rang, i went to the gate to checked who the person was, behold i saw a very beautiful, fair in complexion, average height, average breasts, and a round shape and a well curved ass, my dick signalled, she noticed it, she smile a little bit
me: good morning, who are you? where are you from? who are you looking for?
girl: hey, easy one million question at a time, well, my name is toyosi, am from ilorin
me: ok, come in toyosi
toyosi: thank you
i ushered her into the sitting room, i gave some fruit juice
me: so why are you here?
toyosi: hmmm, your mum sent me here, **handing over a letter to me**
me: **i collected the letter almost immediately, i saw my mum’s name and signature on it, well she sent the girl to our house, she will now be working as a new maid in our house.
i called my mum for confirmation, she also confirmed it on phone, i took her to her new room, she filled the room with her belongings which i also helped her to carry some, she appreciated, we both went to the sitting room for discussion
me: why did you want to do this job?
toyosi: i finished my junior secondary school already, i should be in s.s1 by now, but due to my father’s death, i was unable to do so, thats why my mum and your mum concluded that i should work for you and use the money for my schooling, so your mum will be back tomorrow, she told me that she will take me to your school
me: wow, what killed your father?
toyosi: skin cancer
me: oh, sorry about that, may his soul rest in perfect peace
toyosi: amen, thanks

we chatted for hours, non-stop, and its like i found a new mate, i checked my phone, i saw 23 missed call, 12 from temmy and 11 from corper zainab, i checked the time, its 12noon, yeh, where should i go first? is it temmy’s house or corper zainab’s lodge?
*****to be continued*****

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