Poor but rich episode 3

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Episode 3
Temmy is the one sitting in my front, and James sitting at my right hand side, i sat down, temmy turn to me, she said welcome, I replied her with thanks, James eye me with a disgusting look, but I don’t care.
The first teacher for the day came, his name is Mr Ajibade, he was the chemistry teacher, he wrote the topic, periodic table on the chalk board.
Mr Ajibade: everybody, submit your books and your textbooks (we all submitted all our chemistry textbooks), who can tell me the number 50 element on the periodic table(the class was d–n silent, if a needle fell, you are going to hear it’s sound..)no one?
(suddenly, James began to murmur)
Mr ajibade: James, you have something to say?
James: the new comer, here have something to say.
Mr ajibade: new comer?
Me: sir
Mr ajibade: your name?
Me: owoeye tolu
Mr ajibade: ok go on
(I saw James smiling evilly)
Me: tin sir
Mr ajibade: wow, the transition elements occur between two groups in the periodic table, tell me the two groups…
Me: group 2 and 3
Mr ajibade: very good, sit down
(I was very happy, I saw James with the look of disappointment on his face, watin concern me, I saw some girls starring at me, chai, I am a dead meat, I said to myself)
Some other teachers came to my class, I remember corper zainab, mathematics teacher, she asks me many question, I answered correctly, she compliment, and ask me to see her in her office at break time.
At break time, a girl. Whose name is benita came to my seat.
Benita: tolu
Me: yesssssss?
Benita: let’s go to the cafeteria to get something to eat
Me: thanks, but am not interested.
Benita: what!!!!
James: tolu, follow her now, it’s probably because you have no money to buy her snacks at the cafeteria
(everybody laughs)
Me: yes, I have no money to buy her snacks at cafeteria as you said
Class: ohhhhh!!!!!
Banji: oooh poor boy
Dupe: poverty life
Bose: which village are you from?
Me: owolaake
Cynthia: oh what a village
(everybody laughs)
Me: you know what benita, I will rather go and eat banana with a monkey in a thick forest than to go to the cafeteria with you…
(I walked out of the class, I went straight to corper zainab’s office, as I opened the door,and I was frightened with what I saw…..)

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