Poor but rich episode 4

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Episode 4
I saw corper zainab lying helplessly. On her chair, and with look of things, it seems she’s not feeling fine, so I decided to go, and check back on her some other time, as I was about to go, she called me back
Corper zainab: tolu, come back here
Me: alright ma, what’s happening?
Corper zainab: tolu, my boyfriend broke up with me
Me: oh sorry about that, and why?
Corper zainab: my boyfriend is a crazy man, who likes curvy girls
Me: ohhhhh!!! Then you can just buy a new curve, so that he won’t leave you again
(she burst into a very big laughter, and I was wondering why she is laughing)
Me: did I said something bad?
Corper zainab: you see, don’t you have any girlfriend?
Me: I don’t have any girlfriend
Corper zainab: I see, then let me show you what curve is
(she stood up, turn her back at me, she has a very big butt, average size bossom, and she is so sexy. She showed me the two side of her hip, and explain everything to me exactly the way she explain mathematics to us in the classroom.
My d–k signal me immediately, she turn to me, and saw my d–k, struggling to escape from its cage)
Corper zainab: tell your invisible leg that am sorry
(we laugh it off)
Me: I have to go back to my class now
Corper zainab: oh, okay
Me: see you later
(at door step)
Corper zainab: what’s your plan for the weekend?
Me: my parent are not around, so I will be home all alone doing nothing.
Corper zainab: fine then, I will be glad if you can come to my lodge on Saturday, should I be expecting you?
Me: hmmmm, no problem, I will come..
Corper zainab: okay then, I will be expecting you
Me: alright, bye
Corper zainab: bye
(I dashed out of her office, on my way to the class, I saw benita crying, I decided to ask her what the problem is, she stood up, and went straight to one of the abandoned classes that were full of broken chairs, and other damaged equipments. I followed her, I entered the classroom,looking for her, then the door got locked, I tried opening it, but all to no avail…….

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