Poor but rich episode 6

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Episode 6
I opened my eyes, I saw myself lying helplessly on a hospital bed, I saw my mum beside me, I asked her what the matter is
Me: what’s happening?
Mum: you fainted yesterday, the doctor said you inhaled methylmercury poison
(I remember what benita sprayed in the class, and what she told me)
I didn’t go to school that day, I was discharged, I stayed at home for two days, I went to school on the fourth day that is Thursday, I went straight to my class, the first person I saw was benita, she was very shocked to see me)
Benita: so you are not dead?
Me: yes, your poison didn’t work that much, it’s just a little effect, but am fine now
Benita: wow
(she smiled evily, then she went out)
I cleaned my chair, sat down, prayed, then temmy entered the class, she was very happy to see me
Temmy: wow, handsome, you are back
Me: yes I am
Temmy: thank God, I thought you don’t like this school, I was very sad, I thought you are not coming back
Me: no, I just decided to rest at home, thanks for that
Temmy: you’re welcome
(I went to the assembly ground, after the morning devotion, I went back to my class, then corper zainab entered the class, I looked at the time table, I remember we are having mathematics that morning)
Corper zainab: tolu, why don’t you come to school on thursday?
Me: I was ill, so I was admitted at the hospital
Corper zainab: oh, sorry about that, how is your body now?
Me: am fine now
(after the mathematics class, the geography teacher(mr badmus) came to our class)
Mr badmus: morning class
Class: morning sir
Mr badmus: I am very happy to announce to you that the school will be going on an excursion trip to ikogosi warm springs in ekiti state and olumirin water fall in osun state(the class is very much excited) fee is #5,000, if you want to register come and see me in my office
(he went out)
(the trip became the topic of discussion for everybody, then James started talking to me)
James: tolu, I think you won’t be able to go, because you have no money, what a low life, (everybody laughs) or maybe I should lend you some money
Me: no thanks, you can keep your money and use it for something else, it’s not a must for me to go
(then temmy turn to me)
Temmy: so you mean you are not going?
Me: I don’t know yet
(to say the truth, I always feel comfortable when am been bullied, it’s closing time, I got home, I discussed the excursion issue with my mum, she gave me #10,000, I was very happy…….)

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