Poor but rich episode 7

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Episode 7
Friday morning, I prepared for school, I got to the sitting room, I saw my mum getting ready for her trip to dubai
Mum: morning son (she pecked me)
Me: morning mum
Mum: take this #20,000, I will be back on Monday by God’s grace
Me: alright, safe journey
Mum: amen oooo
(I got to school, I saw benita, she called me, I didn’t answer, then she followed me)
Me: benita, stop following me around
Benita: I just want to talk to you
Me: say what you have to say
Benita: am sorry
Me: you are sorry, so,let’s say am dead by now that’s what you will be saying to my corpse or you will be asking for my forgiveness during my burial?
Benita: but you are not dead
Me: ohoh!!!!!!!!!!!
Benita: pls am sorry
She came closer to me, our lips met, we began to kiss, then someone entered…….

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