Price of virginity episode 4

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The Price Of Virginity Episode 4.
I heard a knock at my door. yes who is that? Come in.
the voice replied and said….please come outside lets talk,
i quickly ran outside, behold it was one of my departmental classmate
called Mike.
I was wearing a short and a sleeveless singlet, i was feeling shy to stand
and talk with mike so i ran inside and made some changes, then i came out.
Mike was surprised at my reaction but he kept mute and said nothing.
so i said… mike how are you doing, what really brought you to my lodge?
He smiled and said he came to know if i have done my assignment, i said yes,
He collected my book and copied.
when he was about going, he said he have this important thing to tell me but he
dont know how to say it, i told him to say it and he said………i have been
admiring your beauty, i need you in my life, i want you to be the love of my
God created you unique,
He used all his wonderful Technics,
and gave you a nice physic,
for you to be admired by all your colic’s,
even without visiting a boutique,
you are still classic.
Please be my girlfriend……..

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i said wow! are you a musician?….Mike said no but he is just expressing the love
he have for me.
i said ok i will think about it.
Mike was very happy and he left.
I started thinking again, should i accept Mike so that i will be free from all the disturbance
from other guys, i dont really know what to do.
In the evening when my room mate Bekky came back, i told her what Mike was requesting from me,
as a hot girl, without hesitation she said……ahhhh! Mike is a nice guy, what are you waiting for?
just accept him, he will treat you like a queen, i know mike very well.
i said ok. after few weeks, mike called me on phone and asked me if i have accepted him.
i smiled and said ok let me give it a trial. mike was very happy and he promised to visit me the next day.
After some months in relationship with mike, we became more close, he love me very much and i loved him too,
one day mike did something that made me to love him more, it happens that mike can draw very well, if am not
mistaking, i will call mike an artiste, mike made a local sketch of drawing of me with a woody equipment, the
drawing was looking exactly like me, he presented it to me as a gift, when i open it, i nearly ran mad, i was
so happy, i hugged him and he carried me up and brought me down, i show the drawing to all my friends, they were
very happy also.

After four months of falling in love with mike, a day came, mike pretended to be sick, he called me and said, Ann
please come to my lodge am very sick, oh! without hesitation i quickly rushed to his house, it was already
getting dark, its about 6pm in the evening, when i entered his room, i saw him lying down, he covered himself with
a rapper and was shivering, i said to him… dear what happened to you, he looked at me and smiled, then
he got up and removed the rapper, then he started laughing and said….Am ok my dear, i just wanted you to come
and visit me, we both laughed together, he told me a story of his life, after the story, i told him i that want to leave now,
he said ok but before i leave, i should kiss him, i said no mike i cant, i have never done that since my lifetime and
now is not the appropriate time to do it, please i want to go, mike pleaded i should kiss him if truly i love him,
He then held my hands and kissed me, i was very shy and couldn’t look into his eyes, he started kissing me passionately,
as a human being i am, i was enjoying it, mike started romancing me, oh i felt it so much and i was in the mood, something
i have never done before, all my body erected up and mike was also deeply in the mood, before i could know what is happening,
am already on mike’s bed, he was romancing me so deeply, he pulled his clothes, i was still wearing my singlet, he bounce on
me, and i was about to open my legs for him, immediately….i heard my mums voice spiritually saying………………….
……”Keep your virginity and dont fall so cheap to loose what you have been keeping since from your childhood”….
this was the last advice my mother gave me before i left home that very day.
immediate i pushed mike out of the bed, i jumped up, took my things and left, mike was so surprised how i resisted him, oh! the
advice of my great mother have helped me, when i got outside, it was already 9pm, i went to my lodge alone and i told mike not to
accompany me.

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