Relationship shareholders: how do you cope?

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lets have another gist today.

Bayo and bola were good lovers, while Ade is Bola’s friend.
As time goes on, Ade got tired of friend-zoning and he asked Bola out but bola rejected the advance on the grounds that she is in a relationship and that is the only issue. The truth is that Bola also likes Ade but she wasn’t ready to break up with Bayo.
After several pressures from Ade telling bola to please give her a chance , Bola told him that she has a boyfriend whom she can’t break up with and Ade replied that he doesn’t mind as he would cope with the situation until Bola deem fit to decide and marry one out of the two. To cut the long story short, bola agreed and she ended up double-dating.

Now lets interact. This has really got me confused.

* guys, how do you really cope when a girl you asked out tells you that she is a relationship and you replied that you don’t mind and she should give you chance. How do you cope when you fully know that you are just a SHAREHOLDER?, do you always hope that she would break up with her main guy one day and then stick to you?

* Girls?.do you think the new guy won’t be getting jealous and uncomfotable about the real boyfriend?

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