Save my world. Episode 1

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A story by Charles.
When I was young and tender, life was so innocent and simple. I would run to mama for food. Papa would tell me “Dickson you will be great in life” and that was my greatest motivation. I would wake up in the morning; wash my face, hands and legs and zoomed off to catch the school bus. Education was the only visa to success to me. You won’t believe the sacrifices I made to pass my high school final exams. Late in the night, when everybody was asleep, I would creep to the living room and I would soak my towel inside a bowl of water and placed it at the back of my neck. Then I would dip my legs inside the cold water so that I wouldn’t sleep. I cheated nature to succeed. Nothing worthwhile is easy to get. The result came out and I wasn’t disappointed.
Two years after my high school, I gained admission into the university and I smiled. I knew I was going to be in the university that year. I have prepared so hard for that moment. I knew I was too good for the school to deny me an admission. “They should be privileged to have me” I thought .Really? Yeah that’s it.
My first day at school was calamitous. We were supposed to submit our files containing our credentials to our H.O.D for documentation. Linda was in my front on the line, This girl was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. “How could an African be fair like this” I thought. I have always thought that anything that is African is black. Linda proved that wrong, her long hair danced from side to side like that of an Indian actress dancing to a love tune .Her mammalian gland was averagely enormous. I imagined if I can ever have a feel of it. Her butt was rounded and obtrusive. The tight leggings she wore made her panties revealing. I couldn’t take it anymore and I was pushed to say ‘hello’ to her, Waoh? She smiled at me. As I was about smiling back, it was her turn to go in. ‘Damn!’I was supposed to be the next person to go in after her. People who went before her spent just ten minutes each. Thirty minutes was gone and she was not out. Every other person started grumbling just like I did too. She finally came out after some minutes. Her eyes were red. I wished I could ask her what the problem was but it was my turn to go inside. I rushed in praying to God that she shouldn’t go before I would come back. Damn! That H.O.D was so mean. “Do you even know what your name is?”, he roared like an angry lion. ‘I passed my WAEC myself, did the jamb myself, so I should know my name’ I replied angrily thinking afterall I would be a lawyer in the future I should know my right. Oh my goodness! I didn’t know what I got myself into. OH! REALLY? THAT IS HOW YOU TALK TO YOUR FATHER AT HOME? It should be a rhetorical question I believed. He asked me to get out of his sight and I did so almost immediately .That did not bother me at all, I was thinking of going to meet Linda. “Silly boy………” that was the last word I heard from him.
I dashed out of the office looking left and right like an adventurer looking for diamond in the amazon forest. I got back to the line and I didn’t see Linda. Oh my GOD! I was devastated. Just when I was thinking of forgetting about her, I saw this angelic figure crossing my path. ‘She is naked’ I exclaimed to myself. That was just what I imagined though. That didn’t bother me so much as I was still trying to figure how I could see my Linda again. “She wouldn’t go forever afterall” I thought. I decided to go back to the line and finish my business with the HOD.
It was just ten people before me .I waited patiently until it was my turn to go in and I dashed in to the office. I was thinking the man shouldn’t recognize me again. ‘Dickson’! He called out my name and I was perplexed. I became shaky. “So you think you are smart??” he asked. I looked at him but his eyes were like a burning furnace. I pleaded. He refused bluntly. ‘You should go back, write another jamb, then I will attend to you next year’ he said frankly. It was like the whole world would end that day. The more I begged him, the angrier he became. Just I was about stepping out, Linda opened the door. ‘So I wasn’t the only person on this’ I thought. ‘You haven’t done your documentation?’ I asked, faking the smile. “Of course I have done that!” she replied almost immediately. “You! I asked you to get out of my office” the HOD roared again. I felt reluctant .I wouldn’t leave anyways, What will I tell papa when I get home? That I acted out of impulse and spoke rudely to my HOD? That I found a girl called Linda and couldn’t do my documentation or what? Linda moved towards the HOD’s table. She dropped an item wrapped in a white nylon bag. I couldn’t believe this smile on his face . ‘Can good smile ever come from this man?’ I didn’t believe this.
He opened the polythene bag with all smile. He devoured the food in a twinkle of an eye. Linda and I watched on. ‘Young man I am warning you for the last time, get out of my office’ he shouted, I stood like a statue. I ran out of idea and I didn’t know what I should be thinking. “He is my friend” Linda whispered to him. He then told me to bring my documents. “Are u kidding me?”, I thought. I have been here begging this monster. He was feeling like a superstar. It took Linda just less than a minute. Well! that is the power of a woman u know!!!!!.

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