Save my world. Episode 10.

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After she was laid to rest, I went to back to school. Linda was the first to come and check on me in my hostel. She almost caused commotion and everybody wanted to know who she was to me. I would introduce her as my church sister and many guys have decided to go with me to my fellowship on sunday. Boys sha, they like fine girls!
I still couldn’t believe Mama was gone. i dialed her number again because it was hard for me to delete it on my phone. Someone picked but it wasn’t her voice, it was Ada. Things changed for me after this time. Papa could not send money to me regularly like before. I heard the man was always in pensive mood. The rate at which he smoked and consumed alcohol increased. I called him several times to educate him on that but he wouldn’t listen and I heard he was now living recklessly and irresponsibly.
Eight months after, Papa too passed away. It was like the world would come an end. My dreams, my vision and my ambition; are they all gone. My sister who was living with his boyfriend took Ada to stay with them. How will I pay my school fees, pay my accommodation fees and feed? .One of those days, I decided to visit Linda. I didn’t call her but I knew she would always be in her room on Saturday morning. I checked outside to see if that her boyfriend’s car wasn’t there and I saw a car in the compound though, but how could I possibly know who owned it?. I saw one of those girls staying around and we exchanged pleasantries. The girl had flat chest and flat yansh , so I wasn’t interested to look her for the second time. Just as I was about to enter the room, Linda came out and she was surprised to see me . She didn’t want me to go inside and I don’t know why. initially, I thought it was a joke but she was damn serious . I forced myself into the room. You remember that Pastor who picked Linda and me on our way from church the other day?, I saw him sleeping like a king on Linda’s bed. He was putting on only boxers and he was shocked to see me there. ‘Bro d*ckson, it is not what you are thinking. Please let this end here. I will make it up please’ He started his defense and I looked at him feeling dumbfounded. What was I supposed to think of?, That my fellowship senior pastor slept in one of the junior pastor’s room? . Linda remained unperturbed. She was just watching the whole scenario like she was watching TELEMUDO. I looked at the bed side and I saw four packets of condom. SO this guy has gone four times? HE could have even done some without condom. MENH! Things fell apart.
The pastor left as quickly as possible. He was even the owner of the car I saw outside, Fool! This was the pastor that would tell you heaven is real, He preached against pre-marital and extra marital $ex and now that he was caught in the act, let me see what he would say tomorrow. Linda didn’t owe me an apology or an explanation as she wasn’t my official girlfriend, just a friend with benefit. Even as at that, she could as well be so diplomatic. When the pastor guy left, she was silent and I didn’t talk to her either. She broke the silence and asked me what I would like to eat. This girl get mind sha!!!!. AS a sharp guy, I told her that I was ok then. Linda fit put poison inside food for person ooo. Her behavior was scary, How could she pretend like nothing happened?. She entered the bathroom and took her bath, She put on only pant and went to the mirror to check her face. She didn’t even cover her boobs as her boobs started obeying the law of gravity.
She came to the bed like that and covered herself with the blanket. I knew she was not sleeping and I felt disgusted to even touch her. Fine girl like this giving herself so cheaply to every man that came her way?. Why should that be my problem sef?, Was she not giving me my own share too free of charge? . Her phone on the table rang and She asked me to help her with it and I did. She moved closer to me in other to get phone and she didn’t move away when she was answering the call. She removed the blanket and was still close to me. Damn!!!!, I felt her boobs at my back . I looked back and was tempted to touch and I end touching. She looked at me with a smile and before she could drop the call, I have puff of my trousers and shirt and I started sucking her boobs. She ended the call and she was already enjoying it. We kissed again and we had $ex.

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