Save my world episode 13

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The days ran like angry snake and before I knew it, I was in four hundred level and it was like I was the only one in the world. No mother to say hi, no father to give me any advice. I just did things my own way. I didn’t even hear anything from my elder sister not to of talk of Ada who hardly knew anything about me. The money in my account was quickly drying up. Linda was gone and I barely saw her except in classes and she hardly picked my calls even after over two years of that incident with the HOD. I now found solace in the hand of Titi but I still felt incomplete with her. It was February 14 and Titi had called me a day before that I would take her out. I was not pleased with that idea. First, because of my financial status then and secondly I was not really into her like that. Afterall she won’t let me in. Unlike Linda who gave it to me almost every day back then. Titi had refused let me in since that other day, She told me the other day was a mistake and she won’t like to have S€x until she get married. I wouldn’t want to dispute that, what is my business with that anyways?. I have to visit brothels to have S€x some times and there was this brothel I went out to one day like that, Richie that my fine roommate took me there and we took bike to the hotel. Men ! see girls of any spec. As we alighted from the bike, they just started calling like “customer see me here, I get good package check me out na, abi u no sabi good thing”. I was irritated initially but you know konji na bastard, I took the one with big breast. I didn’t even remember which one Richie took that day, we entered her room and I perceived some offensive odour like that. She gave me the rules, “no touching of boobs, you must cum before ten minutes and I must give her #500 before anything”. She knelt down and took her a$$ up while she put her head up on a pillow. She gave me the condom. No foreplay, nothing and I wasn’t use to this kind of show. I put on the condom and I think that should be my first time of using condom. Linda and I was always doing it skin to skin and the other day I wanted to do it with sister Titi she refused me because I didn’t have a condom. I went straight in and everywhere looked like a wet ground and penetration was just so easy for me. My cock was like it was inside a well. I was not hitting any wall at all, no friction. I was just pushing in. She was faking her moaning and I knew it. I ejaculated after just four minutes and that was the worst S€x I have ever had in my life. She shouted “commot commot, no put that thing for my body”. I didn’t even know what she was talking about. I removed my cock from her punny, I removed the condom, condom don burst oo…How? why?. I didn’t even knew what happened after all she didn’t have a tight hole. ‘Useless people. na so una go give person AIDS’ she said as she drove me out of her room. AIDS ke, God forbid. The most important thing be say I don discharge. I left that place that day and I promised never to visit any brothel again in my life.
Titi and I set to go out on valentine day. We booked a room in the hotel with Titi paying all expenses. We went to the back to the swimming pool. Titi was on her red bikini and I was on my boxers. She jumped into the pool first, Na so my church sister disappear for inside water oo, She came up after 60 seconds though. She lifted her head up and my eyes went to her enormous boobs almost popping out. I was squeezing that breast imaginatively in my mind. I jumped into the water and I dragged her near to myself and she escaped from me like a big shark escaping from an old fisherman. I began the chase and I eventually caught her. I dragged her to the edge of the pool and I saw those boobs again. I drew her close, put my lips on them and started sucking them one after the other. She moaned as I suck on. I grabbed her tit and started caressing them again. She was moving front and back like a simple pendulum .I put my two middle fingers inside her Pu$$¥. It was so dry and then after sometimes it became wet. . I Fu¢ked her with my two fingers and she really wanted more of it.

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