Save my world episode 14

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We went back to our room after one hour of romantic swimming. We laughed, we kissed and we caressed on our way to the room. I couldn’t wait to get to the room because I wanted to dismantle this high mountain shaking in front of me. We sat on the bed and she put off her gown she wore from the pool. I pushed her to the bed and knelt in between her legs . I put my finger again inside her Pu$$¥ and put the left leg to the wall. I stuck my tongue by the wall of her Pu$$¥ which was enormously fleshy. She gave me a moan to give her more. My lips were busy biting the wall of her outer Pu$$¥ and my left hand was fondling her tits one after the other. Some other time I would also weigh her boobs on my right hand; they just outweighed my hand so I decided to settle with the tits. I moved to the clitoris and started rubbing it with my tongue and this time the fluid from her Pu$$¥ increased. I waited for her to suck my Di¢k but she didn’t get the message and I moved on.
She still lied in the missionary way and I took her two legs up. I pushed her two legs backward and elevated her a$$ by supporting it with one of the pillows there. Di¢k was still standing like angry soldiers monitoring the IPOB protesters. I wore the condom and push my Di¢k hard inside at once and she screamed . I guessed it was very painful. I started the pounding. Titi has a deep pusssy sha. She told me her legs were paining her and I told her to support them with her hands which she did. I did like the sound from her Pu$$¥. It was clapping and making a kind of obnoxious noise. I guess it was because of the fluid from her Pu$$¥. I held her legs to my neck and pushed them forward, my cock ran in again with the speed of Husein Bolt. She removed her legs from my neck and curved them at my back. I was glued to her, I couldn’t move backward much but could penetrate deep down there. This babe wan break my spinal cord but I didn’t mind sha. The pleasure is much more than the pain, I was nowhere near ejaculating.
It was the 20th minute and there was no sign of me ejaculating. She pushed me away and grabbed my Di¢k. Oh! sister Titi loved it when it is wet and tasty. She clipped the cap of cock with her lips and licked the tiny hole with her wet tongue. My body was electrocuted and I could feel it in my brain. I begged her to suck me more. She swallowed the whole of my Di¢k and rolled my balls. I never knew Titi could suck like that sha. She lied down sideways and I got her message. I lifted her right leg up and stayed in the middle of her legs sideways. I put on another condom again as she has removed the first one when she was sucking my cock. I put my cock in again as usual. I would drew her boobs and fondle her with force in the process. I would also push her a$$ in and squeeze it for easy penetration. The sound from her wet Pu$$¥ proved she was enjoying the whole stuff. It was like the 30th minute and she pushed me again. She asked me to lie down and she sat on my Di¢k facing the other side. I got the message, my Di¢k wasn’t penetrating enough with the sideway style. I quickly put the pillow on my buttock and she started moving up and down very fast. I held her two boobs tight and she pounced on. I would push her forward again so that I would see how her Pu$$¥ looked like. I would open her a$$ for deep penetration. I STARTED moving from down very fast. I ejaculated after 40 minutes. That was the longest S€x I have ever had in my life.
I lied down like a log of wood. I was exhausted and she took the condom and flushed down the toilet. She didn’t put on her pants back as she walked to the bathroom for a cold shower. I watched as her a$$ shook like she had put some oily elements on it. I wouldn’t lie I was just too tired to feel aroused again. She ordered for food for the two of us and I asked her to request for a small bottle of alomo bitters for me as I was preparing for the second round possibly in the night.
I got a call from Richie’ guy! guy!!!guy!!! one package dey oo, where you dey? …….which package na………mad man where u dey first na? This one na money package be this oo……..ok ok I dey one side like I will come hostel tomorrow.’ I didn’t even know what package Richie was talking about. We ate and I drank too much to remember much that happened that night between Titi and me. I remember we had like 3 rounds of S€x again before daybreak but I couldn’t remember how we did it. We left and both of us was looking very tired and worn out. I guess Titi had a nice time because she was smiling and felt very satisfied and happy as we were in the cab taking us back to the campus. We parted ways and we agreed to hang out later in the evening

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