Save my world. Episode 15

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I met Richie waiting for me anxiously in the hostel and I wondered what the problem could be. Richie couldn’t wait anymore to tell me what was on his mind. He accosted me immediately I entered the room, he told me he wanted to talk about money. Money? What? how? He took me downstairs as I was much more interested in what he had to say. He said we would be going to Lagos next week. Lagos?, To do what? There was a new way guys make fast money other than playing on nairabet. Really!!!?, Me way don play bet for two years wey I never win anything before?. The five thousand I manage to win one day, na the following week them chop am back. He said there were these Indian men who help people in Europe and America to get human items like sperm, kidney etc in exchange for huge amount of money. “If you are giving kidney, it is ten million naira and sperm was five hundred thousand naira”. Which one I go come give kwanu? I could give my sperm na. After all I have been wasting them on these girls without any significant return. I made up my mind to follow Richie to Lasgidi and First, we registered on a site and we booked our appointment.
The day came, Richie and I travelled to Lagos and we passed the night in his cousins place. The guy took us out and asked if we needed any girl to hang out with, but knowing fully well what we came for, we objected. I didn’t sleep throughout the night and I was just thinking of how to make five hundred thousand from just giving out the waste from my body. That was how I viewed it. We went to the place around Ikeja side and we were taken to the laboratory where our semen we be collected. We were giving three options; to masturbate, sleep with a prostitute or give us injection that could make us ejaculate. Richie went with masturbation, no wonder he didn’t have a girlfriend. I have not masturbated in my life before and I didn’t want to sleep with any prostitute. I went for the injection. Omo the injection na bad Fu¢ker too. It was like I reach orgasm and suddenly ejaculated into a test tube. We were given five thousand naira each as our transport allowance and they promised to send our result to us in five days’ time. We both left the place that day smiling and expecting their mail in the next few days.
Richie and I would sit and talk about our potential sum of money coming in the next few days. I was really anxious to get that money in the bank account. I wasn’t able to see Titi the other as promised as I was busy sorting some businesses with Jerry. I called Titi so that we could see the night Jerry and I got to school. Titi didn’t hesitate as she told me she has wanted to see me all this while. She came out again in her normal clothe and we did some romance and kisses. We were still kissing when Richie called me on phone and broke the good news. Those indian guys had sent him a mail to confirm he was successful in the test and he should send his account details .The result came earlier than we expected. Quickly, I checked mail and refreshed over and over again and I didn’t see anything from those guys. I called Richie to explain the situation to him. He said he was going to call those Indian guys and he called me back and he said they told him that I wasn’t successful. Na workforce abi kpmg ni?, which one is not successful? Jerry asked me to come to the hostel. I discharged Titi and went for a better business.
I asked Richie what the problem was and before he could say a word, tears have already gathered in his eyes and he started crying. See wahala oo!!!!. Why Richie come dey cry na? I didn’t understand what was going on again. Why would Richie be crying when he was to receive five hundred thousand naira the following day? Na me suppose dey cry self? Five hundred thousand just went off like that. I told him if he was crying because I didn’t get the offer, I told him we should go inside but he refused. I had to leave him on the spot as I didn’t know the reason behind his shedding of tears. As I made first five steps I heard something faintly “Di¢kson you are positive” Richie increased the tempo as he was weeping again and he was louder now. I moved back to him again and he told me I was HiV POSTIVE. What is this one saying sef? I was confused and started growing goose pimples. Me?, HIV positive? How did it happen? He said they didn’t send the outcome of my result because I was positive and they didn’t want to bother me with it. As Richie called them, they had to break it for him so that I could know my status . I started recalling my S€x escapades. Could it be the only time I went with Richie to the hotel?. Could that stupid dirty whore give me HIV or was it Linda that I had unprotected S€x with many times. I didn’t even understand anymore.
I went to the school clinic the following morning to run a test. The nurse collected my blood sample and asked me to wait for her at the reception. After thirty minutes, she took me to a male doctor. She was unnecessarily nice to me as we walked to the doctor’s office. I didn’t trust all these nurses as she might want something else from me, you never can tell. We got there and she left almost immediately. The doctor started with his counseling and I knew something was wrong. He told me how I could live with HIV and manage it. He just said all those gospels and handed over my result to me. I was actually positive. Hot tears rolled down my cheeks as I thanked the doctor and left in silence. He called me back but I was not ready to come back to that his office.

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