Save my world. Episode 16 (last episode)

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I got to my hostel and Richie was waiting for me to tell him I was negative but when he looked at my red and swollen eyes, even though I tried to smile, he burst into tears. We quickly move out of the room. We cried and cried until we slept off outside till midnight. Richie woke me up again and he promised to be there for me. I was moved by his words. I didn’t know Richie was as nice as that anyways. He said he would give me the whole five hundred thousand naira as he didn’t need it anymore and he kept his word. As the money entered into his account, he transferred the whole money into my account.
I went to see Titi in the evening to tell her about the situation. She was scared and left me in tears. She called the following day to tell me she was negative. After that time, she had refused to pick my calls. Then I went to Linda’s hostel to break the news to her so that she could go and do her own test. She looked unhealthy and pale and I broke the news and she started laughing. I was bewildered by this action of hers and she started this long story of how she was raped by her uncle who was HIV positive when she was thirteen, how her parents used to be the busy type and they hardly stay at home . One of those few days when she was alone at home with her paternal uncle, he raped her and took her to the hospital for treatment. When her parents came back, she told them and her father decided they were not going to make the whole issue public because it was going to destroy his political ambition. The whole matter died and the uncle walked away scot free. She had been living on ante-retroviral drug as her parents were rich enough to take care of that. But recently things were not as smooth as it used to be for her family and she hadn’t been able to buy the drugs.
I opened my mouth in awe as she told me her story. I left her room and she told me I was one of just victim of circumstances that she tried as much as possible to avoid S€xual relationship with me but I wouldn’t listen to her. It was just a revenge mission to all her men. She hated all men after the incident with her uncle. Here I am alone in the world. I graduated the following year but I would live the rest of my life as a HIV POSTIVE person. I would have to live with the stigma all alone. I couldn’t even find anyone who could SAVE MY WORLD.

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