Save my world. Episode 2

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Well! I was happy I did what my papa paid for me to do in school; the reality was that I couldn’t still get my mind off Linda. I got out of the HOD office in dilemma. Should I wait for Linda till she is done with the HOD or should I leave to strike another day? I made up my mind to stay in few seconds after the image of the shape and size of her breast kept beclouding my memory. I stood outside the office looking like a hungry wild predator waiting angrily but patiently for its prey. After twenty minutes she came out with her seductive smile. Damnit! I didn’t wait for her to settle. I pounced on her like those lions we watch on NAT GEO WILD pouncing on herbivores animals. ‘Hey Linda I have been waiting her for you‘ I said praying to God silently to just teach the next thing to say. I was really nervous, I have never wooed a girl as gorgeous and exorbitantly packaged as this girl. She stood in awe. “Me… eh…eh….why…what..?” She said looking at me pitifully and pointing her four fingers at me then keeping her thumb in between the other four fingers. I didn’t know how and what to reply her. I remember a verse in the Bible where Jesus told his disciples not to be bothered about what they are going to say when facing challenges. It’s been like two months since I last attended church services though, whether Sunday or any other day. “Love don’t cost a thing but you could cost me everything and I will still be happy to have you” I said in a shaky voice. ‘How the hell did this line drop from my mouth?’ I swear I didn’t know. Foolish me, that was my best line.
I was expecting her to say something but instead she brought her Samsung galaxy s6 EDGE. Waoh! I have only seen that phone on before. I have always wished to have one. If wishes were horses, you know; beggars would ride. The total annual income in my family was just times two of the price of that monster phone. In her tiny voice , she answered the phone call; ‘Hello……I am fine….you coming to pick me …thirty minutes….no….I am with a boy like that….’ “Your father!!!, me? A boy?” I cursed her in my mind.
She was done with her call and I thought it was time I continued my punch lines. She was no longer interested anyways. She would scratch the back of her neck, dragged her feet and pressed her phone just to show me that she wasn’t interested in my bullshit. I thought about what to do to convince her to stay with me. When a woman’s heart is somewhere else, there is nothing you can do to bring her back. Just as those thoughts were running through my mind, a car approached us. How could I possibly know the name of the car when we don’t have one. In the small town I came from, the richest man had a mercerdez benz 230. The black big metallic monster stopped. A guy alighted from the car. He moved towards us and Linda was smiling seductively at him. The guy looked well fed. His face shone like a diamond. His hands were as fresh as the body of a fresh ‘Monamona’ the snake. His beard looked like that of father Abraham. They embraced each other and I stood like the helpless Chibok girls who the government had left to their fate in the hands of the terrorists. ‘Who is he?’ I heard the guy whisper. Linda moved closer to me and introduced me as one of her school friends. The guy said he was Tayo. I didn’t know what came over me but I knew I shook with both hands. The guy’s palm was as soft as my old vitafoam at home.’ Walahi! this one has never suffered before in his life “I thought”. Linda has already hopped into the car. As the guy was about to say the next word, Linda called him. ‘Baby please let’s go!’ She said in a rather melodious voice. The guy left me almost immediately. They drove off. I couldn’t believe I was still standing on the same spot until I came back to my senses. If you are a confirmed gambler, and you chose Manchester united to win Arsenal at the emirate stadium, just fifteen into game Giroud had his first hatrick of the season and you have placed the bet with your last one thousand naira, your babe is coming over the weekend and you know your guys now! They won’t give you a dime. I was left helpless and hopeless. Thank God I was able to register my courses. My dream of getting Linda was almost fading away. I think it was time to forget this babe. This was the first day, I will live to fight another day
I went back to my hostel; the thought of Linda won’t just leave my mind. I kept thinking how that guy would undress her; they might have been kissing by now. How I wished I had a car. Why was my father not even rich?, several thoughts flashed through my mind. I imagined myself naked with Linda in a shower. I have never even used shower before in my life. I only learnt that lovers could bath together in a shower in one of these Hollywood movies. I imagined how Linda would be screaming and moaning when that guy would dig deep inside of her. I fantasized how her breast would be without her clothes on. I was already licking my lips. My John Thomas stood like a Nigerian soldier going to attack boko haram. Someone tapped me at my back suddenly. It was Ehis. I wish he didn’t come now. I enjoyed that fantasy. I pretended like all was well .He has come to collect salt or soap again.
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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