Save my world. Episode 6

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I got to my hostel looking very pale and tired. WTF!, Just two rounds of $ex and I was already fagged out. I went to the hostel plaza and bought a tin of peak milk because I was told by my Biology teacher that milk help replenish lost sperm. After sipping the milk, I slept off and I had a dream.
I saw Linda wear a see-through gown; she slept on the bed like a mermaid seducing a potent male warrior and she gave me the sign to come near to her. I moved closer and she opened her two legs and put my head in between them. Men! I was licking this girl pu*$y again. She moved and twisted like a snake on the bed and she turned quickly and positioned herself in the doggy style. She asked me to suck her from behind and I did. As I was doing this, a heavy blow landed on my head and it was Tayo again. Even in my dream, he still attacked because of Linda.
I opened my eyes to real life and it was Richie that landed me that blow on my head. Like six boys were gathered at my bed side. They said I was saying rubbish while sleeping. ‘fuck me, ohhoss, hmmm, Linda etc’ were those things I was saying . You know boys na, they won’t shut up. I stood up from the bed and ran outside out of shame. I went to the common room at least to get Linda off my memory and I bought a bottle of coke and cracker biscuit. As I was sipping my coke, this girl walked in. Nigeria university! You will see different kind of people. This one is one of those student evangelists you would find on campus. I told you before that Linda’s boobs were like water melon. This one has it at the back and the front. In my church at home, the sisters dared not expose any part of their body like this, any sister that appeared in such way wouldn’t enter the kingdom of God. This kind of sister now, very religious, how could this possibly miss even because she exposed her body. Even at home, sister Funke wouldn’t expose any part of body but I still caught her with brother Obinna kissing at one vigil like that. Who knows what they have been doing in secret?. What of sister Ngozi who was impregnated by one Ahlaji Danladi?. Don’t judge people by what they wear. Most people who dress decently are not actually decent.
She said her name was Titi and she started telling me everything I knew about Jesus. She talked ooo, but I concentrated on her chest. Badt guy! She then asked me if I would like to give my life to Jesus. I told her I gave my life to Christ when I was six. ‘OHO, that’s nice, which fellowship do u attend?’, she said looking at me religiously. I knew I have not attended any fellowship since I came to this campus but I have to tell her something lest I would look like a devil. I quickly told her Christ Embassy –CASOR. ‘really ! so you are my brother in Christ ‘ She said giving this religious hug. What kind of hug is this one now? If she wants want to hug me , she should do na. Which one is this side hug. At least I felt something succulent at my right hand. ‘Do you know Pastor Linda?’ she asked me expecting me to say a yes. ‘Let me be just be honest with you, I have not been to fellowship since I came to this campus but my family church is RCCG’ I said with a sign of relief.
TITI: what happened?, at least we could talk.
ME: nothing actually happened. Just didn’t find happiness in church anymore (frankly)
TITI: (more interested and emotional): d*ckson, you need help, you know
“The only help is to give me that thing on your chest make I use do pillow jor”, I said to myself . But how can one Pastor Linda be one of the leaders in the church. That name again? I just hoped she won’t give me nightmare again like Linda my girlfriend or what should I even call her?. Titi invited me to their next programme and I promised her I would come to the programme. Christ Embassy? Fine girls na their greatest asset.
“Good morning d*ckson! it’s me Titi How was night?”
“ It was great…..”
“Tell me, what did u dream about? Did u dream about me?…..”
“hmmm ….noo….yeah…..”
“See you… you are not even sure..”
“well, I just I want to tell you that I dreamt about you and I want to see you in the meeting today”
“ohoo, that’s great…I will be there. what time is it again?”
“……….6p.m, but I will be in your hostel at 5 so that we could walk together to fellowship”
“……alright! alright!! I will be expecting you”.
That was TITI and I conversing on phone. How could she possibly be dreaming about me? What for? I don’t understand this one again oo. Titi came to my hostel at exactly 5p.m and I was still eating my beans and garri. After that call she made in the morning, she didn’t call me again. I turned to celebrity sharp sharp, Guys gathered again to see who was looking for me again. Most of the boys in my room didn’t have any female friend not to talk of girlfriend. I ate my beans and garri like a hungry lion.
I didn’t even take my bathe, just perfumed my clothe and off we went. The fellowship get package sha. Every where was neatly arranged. Today’s programme, each level will be in their hall. 100 LEVEL took the first hall. When we got there, come and see speaking in tongues. Everbody was standing, so we stood too. I closed my eyes to pray as everybody was praying. I opened my eyes and I looked at the altar; WTF!!! It was Linda. She was the pastor for freshers. How the hell did she became a church leader. She was even speaking in tongue. How do we possibly know the spirit in her? Could the spirit in her be greater than that who is in the world? Holy spririt doesn’t dwell in filthy and dirty places. Linda of all people speaking in tongue? Nwane odikwa very risky oo, odigwa egwu!!!!

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