Save my world. Episode 7

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Save my world.
A cool story by Charles.
The program lasted for forty minutes. After the program, it was time for holy hugs and kisses. Titi was expecting me to give her the hug but I rushed to the altar and gave Linda the hug. She was flabbergasted. ‘How do you know I am here?’ she asked looking so confused and restless. ‘Titi invited me’ I replied with a romantic smile. ‘Just make sure you wait for me outside’ she said as her attention was needed by other church executives. I turned and ran into TIti who was not comfortable with my rapport with ‘Pastor Linda’. I told Titi I was going as I wouldn’t wait for her and she said she would call me then maybe we can hang out together.
Linda came out with TIti after thirty minutes I have been waiting. She called me when she has finished talking with Titi. ‘What did you tell her about me?‘ she asked me and dragging my shirt like Nigeria policeman dragging Agbero at Oshodi Bolade bus stop. “I didn’t tell her anything, we met yesterday and she invited me to your church programme. I didn’t even know you are a pastor” I replied smiling like a lover boy. “Good then” she said frankly and with a heavy sigh of relief. It was already 7.45 PM. and everywhere was dark. She turned to go and I dragged her back and started kissing her in the dark. Just as that was going, a car started and put on its light, It was one of the senior pastors in the fellowship. The guys almost caught us in the dark and he offered to drop us off. The guy and Linda were just talking about church and holy spirit. What is my business with all these?, Linda and I didn’t talk throughout. We both alighted at my hostel bus stop. ‘Sister Linda be careful ‘The guy said as he drove off andi was amazed that this guy knew what we were doing in the dark and pretended like he didn’t see us.
Linda and I sat at a dark corner outside my hostel. Of course you see many people in twos; a girl and a guy. Linda wasn’t happy because she felt her action today might cost her post as a pastor in the fellowship. I consoled her that nobody is holy. Even the senior pastors, we don’t know what he might be doing in secret. I bought her popcorn and ice cream and she smiled and took them from me. She rested her head on my shoulder as we started to gist.
We started kissing again. I don’t know what kind of body Linda has sef, it’s like kissing always turned her on. She was putting on a skirt and blouse, I unbuttoned her blouse and I started caressing her boobs. She was lost in the spirit and she quickly sat on my leg. I didn’t get the information she was trying to pass across until she placed her hands on my joystick. She unzipped my trousers.` My joystick responded but how do I sample this girl here now. She pulled down her pant to her kneels level and sat on my d*ck. Her ass was cold as dog’s nose. My d*ck was not penetrating as she wanted. Oh my goodness! she pulled off her pant and put it inside her handbag. I understood fully why some girls would carry their handbags everywhere they go. It was easier for me to penetrate her pu*$y with her pants off. She was very wet and she rode on my d*ck like she was riding a horse. I have never had a penetration like this before, The whole of my d*ck went inside her pu*$y and I imagined her boobs flapping but couldn’t see it clearly because it was dark. I ejaculated and withdrew my d*ck and we both thought it should last longer than that. I was going to go for the second round anyways.
She brought some school talks but I wasn’t interested a bit, I just wanted to go in there again and enjoy myself. I grabbed her boobs and sucked her nipples and she grabbed my balls and I knew I would be in paradise with her as I was in her right hand side. We started having those wet kisses and I spit into her. Omo na our church pastor be this oo!!!!. May God forgive her for she knew not what she was doing. I didn’t have any business with that anyways, My business was to go in there and do a brother’s job.
We were already in the mood the second time and I was ready to render my service. My phone rang. Guess who? ……………Titi…….
“Hello….please where are you……..hmm….I am at… ….in front of my hostel gate”
“ …..okay I will be there in ten minutes….alright I will waiting for you”.
“Who was that?” she asked with an epitome of jealousy.
“It was sister Titi” I said religiously.
She stood up immediately from leg and said she wanted to go. I thought she was angry but she convinced me beyond reasonable doubt that she wasn’t at all. Titi must not see her with me again by this time of the night. I was waiting for her to put on her pant but she didn’t. How could she possibly walked to her hostel without her pants on?, I followed her and decided to check her buttocks when we go to a place where there was street light. Men! It was obvious she wasn’t wearing pant. Her buttock was shaking from left to right like that of a duck. My john Thomas kicked but I have to caution it. She gave me that sweet hug and boarded a bus.

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