Save my world. Episode 8

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Save my world

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Titi showed up there on a white $exy singlets and bump short, She was supposed to be a Christian sister? , how could she possibly wear this kind of a thing to meet a guy who was not even her boyfriend?. God, my life is your hand now!!!!!, You have to save my world. I don’t know why all these girls wouldn’t allow me rest sef. I am not so handsome but my physique I guess was what was tripping them. Titi appeared to be more endowed that Linda. I swear Titi didn’t wear bra and she was still wearing a white singlet. Her breast wasn’t standing like that of Linda; maybe because they are bigger than Linda’s.
Titi unlike Linda was generous. She paid for everything we bought that day; ice cream, fried chicken and fayrouz drink. What a nice girl!, Probably because she was a Yoruba girl and Linda was from south-south. I took her to the same corner where I fucked Linda. We used her phone light as torchlight to see and she sat down and screamed that she has sat down a liquid substance. And when she shone her light, behold it was my sperm. ’It could just be phlegm’ I quickly chipped in before she perceived it and I felt guilty inside of me. If only she knew I fucked her pastor here. What a world will live in! I cleaned the fluid and we continued with our gists.
She started like “how did you see our service?, hope it was cool?” How do I answer this kind of question?, I have got something else on my mind anyways. What else, if not about the earlier $ex I had with Linda and Titi really spoilt my show. I really wished I could at least finish that second round. “It was fine, I really loved your programmes today” I finally replied her. “Hope you will come again next time?” she asked this boring question again and I replied her almost immediately saying ‘ yeah!yeah!’. There was silence for like two minutes and she was busy chatting pretentiously and I formed like I didn’t send her. “Do you have a girlfriend?” she finally broke the silence and I didn’t know how to reply the question. Which kind JAMB question come be this one again? “ Or is pastor Linda your girlfriend?” She asked stylishly asked further. I have to respond this allegation as prompt as possible . ‘How could you think about that kind of thing?’ I said to her, acting as if I was too holy to engage myself in such an act. “So tell me then about your girlfriend” She pestered me again. ‘ my girlfriend broke up with me last week’ I have to say this because I didn’t know where she was headed and I have to play my game as a smart lawyer to be . For my mind!
Her phone rang. She answered it. She spoke for only thirty seconds and she went to her gallery . Girls sha! It was a picture of one clothe she was checking out. I asked her if I could see her pictures and she didn’t refuse to give me her phone. I opened the gallery and started checking her pictures. Girls and selfie……! Lots of selfies there. The ones she snapped with only pant and bra. Titi is endowed sha. I saw her boobs almost popping out from her bra in one of the selfies. I imagined if I could devour this boob. I have to erase that nonsense from my brain when I recalled I was dealing with my spiritual sister. I continued checking and sister Titi pretended as she didn’t see me check her semi-nude pics. She was just smiling.
I pressed the back button on the phone with the intention of returning the phone to her. I saw a file with the tittle ; HOLY MATRIMONY . This Christian sisters no go kill person. She has started thinking about marriage even at her first year in school. Well I wouldn’t blame her. Husband scarce now and when it come to matters like this , you don’t have to be the patient dog. Of course you don’t want to eat the bone, everybody wants the meat. To achieve this as a lady, you just have to be adventurous. I opened the ‘HOLY MATRIMONY ‘ file oo. What I saw my ,my fingers cannot type.
I saw this black oily wet ass riding on a white fat d*ck as in a motion picture format. I opened it. I shouted Jesus like I was even holy. It was from a Christian sister, I have to form good boy .Titi looked and said what? ‘NOTHING ‘ I repied but still with the blue film. I inserted my ear piece and I started rocking it. The black porn star girl was a monster. The guy self na fucker him be. I watched those different styles alone. Sister Titi was lying on my shoulder. I guess she trusted me anyways. I looked at her again; forget nonsense, Titi was watching too. The way she was breathing changed. She was breathing faster and that even caught my attention initially. I asked her if she was fine and she replied in affirmative. Well we continued watching and she was still breathing fast. I shone the phone light to her face. This babe don dey sweat slightly. I touched her neck region to check her temperature and she was no too bad. It was then I discovered her nipples looked obtrusive and very obvious. She was looking very helpless and helpless. Her eyeballs were rolling like that of Nicki Minaj in her Anaconda video. She moved close to me this time and she told me she was feeling cold. She accussed me of being unromantic as I was supposed to give her my shirt. Na wa oo, make I come dey naked? I laughed it off as I continued with my porn adventure. I could feel the weight of her mammalian gland on my hand . I deliberately touched her boobs with elbow. My spirit was lifted as the boobs lifted my hand.Then I strategize a bigger plan.
I lifted my eyes again, it went straight to her nipples .I made the move to touch it and probably squeeze it with my thumb and the second finger. Guy as I touched it like this, someone roared like a lion. Guess who? It was sister Titi. What is the meaning of this nonsense na’ she asked as if it was not both that were watching those episodes of porn I quickly apologized as I didn’t want to face her wrath .Then I got my biggest shock ‘you can touch me anywhere but not my nipples please’ she said amicably . It rang on my head gragra like my secondary school bell of change of lesson. So sister Titi has been in for me since? Oh lord of mercy! I threw her phone into my pocket and pounce on her enormous boobs. I didn’t make that mistake again . I made sure I didn’t get near her tits but other parts of her boobs were well attended to. God help me, this mountain shall be moved. HAAHAAA.
Initially Titi was too religious for my liking . She pretended as if she was not enjoying my romantic exploration with. Her response was not captivating enough. God bless Linda anywhere she was. I didn’t stay long on her boobs as the whole thing were too big for my hands to handle. I went down there. OMG! This was simply unbelievable ; Titi had no pant oo. I went straight to her clitoris, I rubbed the head with my second finger after my thumb . Titi became charged. She couldn’t pretend anymore. She started moaning —-huh, hush, yeah. I don suffer, even a Christian sister? I pulled her bump short down to give me the opportunity to go deep down . Her pu*$y was deep and wide sha. My four fingers excluding the thumb entered the pu*$y. Wao, come see fluid flowing like river nile to my palms. I thought Titi would actually be a virgin. I continued to venture deeper into it and she enjoyed it. Now she wanted more. She wanted my cock deep inside her pu*$y. Again? Then my phone rang. It was PAPA. My attention was needed at home the following morning.

<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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