Save my world. Episode eleven

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A lot of things happened to me between year one and the fourth year. Some made me cry, some made me to laugh and I was also indifferent about others too. I was in four hundred level as a more matured and experienced man. I was hoping to graduate one day and start the life of my dream. I knew that even after all my escapades; I would still make at least a 2-2 which was a fair result anyways. It was second semester exam and everyone was more serious than ever before. Linda was closer to me and I would see Titi maybe once or twice a week. I had to avoid Titi as much as I could though. I wasn’t interested in entangling myself into any romantic quagmire with her. I wouldn’t count how many times Linda and I had sex though. Linda made it very difficult for me to have any serious girlfriend in school even though I knew she was just a friend with benefit. At least, not when I knew that other guys still slept with her or were even sleeping with her. She gave me everything a girl would give her boyfriend, so what do I need a girlfriend for?, Titi tried as much as possible so that I could leave Linda for her but it was very hard for me. I couldn’t just help thinking how great Linda was. Titi helped me financially though than Linda but things were still difficult for me. Linda was so charming that when one sleep with her, one would come for again for more.
We were supposed to have our first exam on Monday. Linda and I went to read on Saturday night, It was cold as usual and Linda still came with a mini skirt and an armless shirt. I thought it was the normal business of course. We read for like two hours and then her phone rang. She told me she would like to go see her friend in the other faculty and she told me the exact classroom number. I suggested that I should follow her but she told me she was big enough to take care of herself. Well!!! What else could I say?.
I waited for Linda for thirty minutes but she didn’t return and I decided to call her line. She didn’t pick her call the first time, the second time she picked and she wasn’t talking. I called her again and the number wasn’t reachable. I tried again, and again and again, for where ?, Her number was still unreachable. Something could be wrong here “ I thought”. I don’t trust all these boys in the hostel who don’t have girlfriends. Konji na bastard , they might rape her. I thought of those bad cult boys too, na them get land oo; they can do anything. I decided to go look for her outside.
I went to the place where she told me where she would be and I searched for her in the whole block and she was nowhere to be found. I went to the popcorn spot and I still didn’t see her there. I went back to my class where I was reading and I didn’t see her again. I decided to walk to around and see if I could see her anywhere. I passed through my HOD’s office but the light outside was switched on while the office light was off. That was unusual. Normally, if someone was in the office , the outside and inside light would be put on and if no one was in, none of the light would be switched on. What could have happened? I wasn’t bothered about that because there was more important thing I needed to do; looking for Linda. I decided to call Linda’s number, it wasn’t reachable again. I move closer to the door and I heard some scary silent whispers from inside. I waited to listen again and then it changed to moaning like when a bush cat is making as a sound. The door wasn’t locked but was just shut. I took the risk of opening the door knowing if any security saw me, I would be in trouble. I took the risk and opened the damn door
I switched on the light from the wall. Behold Linda on her skirt and without her shirt on an old man’s lap. The man was totally naked. I waited again to see if I wasn’t been deceived by my eyes. My eyes haven’t failed me before and I knew it won’t fail me now. It was Linda and the HOD. Initially the man shouted at me that what the hell would I be doing in his office by this time of the night. Linda couldn’t stand from the man’s lap and I believe the man’s dick would have been obeying the law of gravity by now. Even Linda’s boobs were still pointing at me as she sat dumbfounded. Linda didn’t talk to me. The man started; ‘My son , this is not what you think. I am responsible fatHTER………’ Responsible indeed! How can a man like this be sleeping with a young girl who is supposed to be her daughter and called himself responsible. It wasn’t his fault anyways. If lawmakers in NIGERIA could marry a 13 year old girl, why should this old fool not sleep with Linda who was even above eighteen .
Linda took her white pant from the man’s table and wore it. With remorse on her face, she left without saying a word. I left the office too some seconds later. I saw Linda packing her stuff. It was like she wanted to go back to her hostel. I tried to talk to her but she was just mute. I didn’t want to create a scene in the class, so I left her to pack her stuffs and I followed her outside. I held her hands but she won’t say anything. I dragged her and she looked at me, I knew I was hurting her and I left. Imagine, I started begging her ooooo. I wasn’t supposed to enter the office like that. I pleaded with her and she started crying again. She told me she was sorry that she knew she had hurt me. She told me she hasn’t seen a guy like me before, how could I possibly be begging her even when she was at fault?. I didn’t beg because I was weak but I knew I didn’t ask her out and she wouldn’t like to cut my benefit off. We kissed and did some romantic stuff that night but we didn’t have sex.

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