Sex, robbery and delivery service. Episode 16

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Throw back Tuesday.
Sex , robbery, and delivery service.

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Episode 16
Labake and I dressed up after the hot s*x and sat on the bed. We discussed until 4pm, She gave me additional 5,000naira to the 50k and said she was leaving and promised to give me a call. She left and shandy came back to the room 10minutes later. She stood at the entrance and said “time to check out”.I left the hotel room with shandy and walked out to the compound.
ME: who are you?
SHANDY: shandy
ME: is labake your sister?
SHANDY: a friend
ME: you are very pretty you know.
SHANDY: because of the bosoms and booty?
ME: I don’t understand.
SHANDY: never mind. I have heard about you that you love fair and fresh oranges.
ME: **smiled***, don’t mind labake
SHANDY: I never mentioned name you know***smilled***. You aren’t looking bad as well,
ME: thanks for the compliment. Can I have your number?
SHANDY: no, you can’t.
I left her in the compound and went home. I began to ponder on what happened earlier today. Why was labake telling me all this?, why did Mr femi called earlier to threaten me if there was no link between him and labake’s team. Why would he warned me not to tell my boss ?, why would labake be after the parcel alone and not as a team?, what is so special about this parcel?, who sent it?. Why wouldn’t they go to Mr femi’s house to attack?. Why me?. I began to ask so many questions I couldn’t provide answers to.
I placed a call to my girlfriend to enquire about her journey. I told her about the robbery and how my phones and laptop were taken. she consoled me about it and asked if I had retrieved my item from her neighbour and I told her I hadn’t.
I tried calling labake’s phone but it was off, Mr femi’s number was also switched off, I wanted to go to my girlfriend’s neighbour to get the item but I was scared of surveillance and I don’t want to put her into trouble. Later at night, something happened

ME: I’m good and you?
SHANDY: I’m fine. You are looking good. I like the red lips****touching my lips***
ME: thanks for the compliment
SHANDY: you are welcome. What should I offer you?
ME: I’m ok for now.
SHANDY: are you sure?
ME: yeah
ShandY: ok, so what’s up with you and labake?, are you guys still dating or something!
ME: ***smiled***. Why did you asked?
SHANDY: **flirty smile**, nothing . I knew she told me that you guys lost contact for years until you met again recently
ME: lool. Something like dat.
SHANDY: so are you guys together for real?
ME: **raised eye brow***. Its complicated.
SHANdY: hmmmmmm. Indeed. So you like her?
ME: **na wetin be all this questions sef*** yeah, i used to like her back then
SHANDY: what about now?
ME: its complicated
SHANDY: hmmm, **rolling and biting her lips*** so what attracted you to her back then?
ME: her boobs and booty
SHANDY: bad boy, exactly what I heard about you
ME: **smiled** really? By who?
SHANDY: **patted me on the laps, never mind, remember I told you the last time we met.
ME: yeah its true
SHAnDY: I heard you always love to dig it from behind, how true is that?
ME: **laughed*** dig what?
SHAndY: **smiled** never mind. ***shandy’s phone ranged***. “Hello, yeah he is here with me. Ok”. Hanged up.
ME: who was that?,
SHAndY: labake, she said she would be here in 20mins time.
ME: ok,
Shandy pulled closer to me and hugged me. I was shocked and excited but I reciprocated. We held each other for about 35seconds my hand was on her bare back that was strapless while her compressed oranges was pressing on my chest. I gained errection instantly and I guessed she noticed it as the dick head was hitting her tummy like a pin. She laughed and whispered into my hear “I felt something hitting my abdomen, what is on your mind?”. I replied “its complicated”. She said “yes, I know it must be complicated, no one dare felt my asset and resist complications”. We both laughed. She released me and stood at the edge of the bed while I was still sitting on the bed. Shandy turned her back to me, bent forward and twerking infront of me in an Intimate dance style for like 50 seconds. My errection was getting obvious as my dick was shooting out in my pant trousers. She turned around, saw it and smiled. She then pull up her gown to reveal her tiny blue G’string. The pant divided her a$$ into two revealing the actual shape of the fresh booty. She leaned forward, putting her two hands on her kneels while I was getting uncomfortable on the bed. and she said “onihaxy, let me feel what I was told you knew how to do best”
I stood up from the bed and stood in front of shandy. I removed my belt, pulled down my trouser and boxer to my kneel. Shandy grabbed my erected dick and stroked it for few seconds and bent down facing me with her as$, i pulled her Gstring aside with one hand and use the other to rub her clit with the tip of my dick gradually before I forced my dick into her in a doggy style.
I experienced friction as the hole was narrow and too tight. I removed my dick, spat on my left palm and rub the dick with my saliva and re-insert it into the hole. This time, the movement was a bit smoother. I held her waist as I was pounding inside of her. she was moaning and screaming louder. I leaned forward and inserted my hands into her gown and brought out her oranges. I squeezed them as I was pounding harder, I stopped moving at a point and shandy was the one doing the movement. We fuccked for 13minutes until shandy’s phone was ringing.
ME: ***still pounding her Kitty-Cat from behind**** who is that?
SHANDY: **moaning softly*** its labake, she is here.
ME: ***moans and still pounding*** OMG, not now that I’m still enjoying your pusssy.
SHANDY: **pulled off her ass and making my dick out of her hole and she stood up.*** “hello baby, where are you?, ok its Mrs adeola” hanged up. Baby, dress up, your guest is around.
ME: ok.
I cleaned up with a tissue and went into the toilet to flush it, before I returned from the bathroom, shandy is properly dressed as she sat on the chair beside the bed with earphones plunged into her ears and pretending as if nothing happened. I also noticed that she had sprayed another perfume and the scent subdued the odour of sperms and Fluid smelling earlier.
SHANDY: **looked into my eyes and smiled*** hmmm, ekun!!!, but my friend is selfish sha.
Minutes later, someone knocked on the door. Shandy opened it and labake came inside.
LaBAKE: hi guys
SHANDY: what’s up baby?
ME: ***frowned**** HI
SHANDY: hmmmm hmmmm #clear throat#, let me excuse you guys, I will be down stairs at the pool side.
LABAKE: ok bestie.
Shandy went out and left labake and I inside the room.
ME: why did you burgled my girl friend’s house?, haven’t I told you I knew nothing about the parcel?
LABAKE: *** stretching her hands and waving down*** calm down dear
ME: **raised eyebrow*** don’t tell me to calm down. What do you actually want from me?, I told you earlier that I knew nothing about the whole parcel of a thing. Even if I do, you expect me to hand it over to you and go to jail because of you?, or what has my girlfriend got to do with parcel of a thing that you people had to burgled her room. Ehnnn!!, tell me **yelling***
LABAKE: **walked closer, sat down on the bed beside me and placed hands on my shoulder***. Calm down dear, I knew you have every reason to be angry with me but please just hear me out. Your girlfriend might be in danger, I’m here to help.
ME: help, ok, go on, I’m listening..***straight face**
LABAKE: firstly, our source confirmed it that you actually left your office on thursday with the parcel in your bag. After then, you went to Mr femi’s house with it without dropping it because he wasn’t around, and the last place you visited was your girlfriend’s house before going to your house that night
ME: yeeeeeeee *screamed*
LABAKE: calm down. And since we couldn’t find it with you that night, it was believed that you kept it or left it at your girlfriend’s place and that was why my team visited there last night. I couldn’t stop them because if I tried it, they would definitely wanted to know why I was against them and that might arouse a suspicion.
ME: ***becoming uncomfortable and sweating***. Haaaaaaa!!
LABAKE:. And since they couldn’t get it from your girlfriend’s house, they believed she went away with it and she is seriously on our search list. I just wanted to inform you so as to tell her not to return to akure, or better still, she should stay out of ondo state because our chairman who sent us is so angry right now and he told us to get the item for him at any cost even if souls would be lost.
ME: haa. So what do I do now?. My girl is innocent. I don’t want to loose her.
LABAKE: that is why I came to discuss with you. We could both make money out of this and travel out of the country and settle down else where.
ME: **confused***, how?
LABAkE: I made my research and found out that the parcel worth 5million naira.
ME: **raised eyebrow** really?
LABAkE: yes. So if you manage to give it to me, I would make money out of it, give you your own share and we would leave the country
ME: really?****falling for the money***. What about your team?.
LABAKE: mtcheeew. I will dump them. Infact, they won’t know how we settled the parcel issue and everybody would be silent there after.
ME: interesting
LABAKE: so what do you think about the idea?, Are you IN?
ME: sure. But what is actually in the parcel that is worthy of N5m and loosing of souls?
LABAKE: powdered gold
ME: what is powdered gold?
LAbAKE: don’t bother about that, what matter most now is how to make money out of it and save the life of your girlfriend.
ME: ok,
LABAKE: so tell me where the parcel is .
ME: still in the office
LaBaKE: stop lieing onihaxy, you and I knew the parcel is out of the office
ME: I’m serious, I left it in my drawer.
LaBAKE: no problem, should we retrieve it on monday?
ME: how?
LABAKE: hmmmmmm. I have an idea
ME: what?
LABAKE: just stand at the main road outside your workplace with the parcel at any time you felt it would be ok for you.
ME: and what would happen?
LABAKE: I would come in a bike and snatch it from you in the presence of people, so it would look like a robbery and you would escape police arrest since there would be eye witnesses.
ME: what about the risk of loosing my job?
LABAKE: 2.5million naira will make you a rich entrepreneur, just think with your head.
ME: ***nodded*** ok dear
LabAKE: that’s deal. And make sure it remains a secret between us
ME: is shandy aware?
LABAKE: no, she only knows we are dating and that you are my boyfriend. That’s all
ME: ok oo
LABAKE:. So what did you bring for me?
ME: I brought myself and my dick
LaBAkE: **smiled*** bad boy. Then let me have the dick ***pulling my belt and touching my dick***
ME: I’m not in the mood jare.
LABAKE: if I hear??
Labake pushed me to the bed and I lied flat on my back, she knelt beside me and removed my belt and pulled out my dick and began to stroke it. She said “Onihaxy, Fluid is smelling on ur dick”. No dear, its sweat. “I replied” she inserted it into her mouth and sucked it until the clueless dick gained an Attention. She sucked for 6minutes, and stopped. She went over to kiss me and we started smooching each other. I pulled off her jean trouser and top while and she pulled off my cloths on the romance untill we were both Unclad. She sat on my erected dick and we fuccked “girl on top” style till we both released. I didn’t enjoyed it like that of shandy but I had to play along and faked as if I enjoyed it.
She called on shandy to come inside and they both discussed on how to leave ilara. Shandy suggested that labake should go first and she would follow 30mins later. Labake looked at me and nodded in agreement. I guess labake doesn’t want to leave me alone in shandy’s care so she suggested to take me along and dropped me in akure. We all nodded in agreement as I left the room with labake. On getting to the door, I turned back to look at shandy and we both smiled at each other as we looked eye to eye and she blew a kiss.
We got into the hotel compound, labake opened the door of a toyota camry and we both enter into it. She drove few distance from ilara along a forest path. After few minutes of driving, we got to a spot along the forest path not too far from FUTA northgate and labake suddenly stopped driving.
LABAKE: yeeeee. I’m doomed
ME: dear, what’s wrong?
LaBAkE: ***panting*****, look at the front
ME: ***i raised up my head and saw a red mazda MPV parked few meters away from us**** its a car, any problem with it?
LaBAKE: yes, its my entire team members. Someone had betrayed me!!!
ME: chaiii, I don die today.
The four doors of the mazda was opened at once and 6 hefty guys came down from it and was walking towards us

<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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