Sex, robbery and delivery service. Episode 18.

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Sex, robbery and delivery service.
Door opened and two of the guys entered, one of them with a broad voice pulled up my head while the other guy stood at the door, I still pretended to be unconscious but he gave me a hot slap and I became active. I looked at him and saw my phone with him. The phone began to ring again, he pulled out his gun from his pocket, pointed it on my head and said “if you act funny or cry for help on phone, I will blast your head. Understood?”. I nodded in response. He pressed the green button on my phone. He put on its loud-speaker and placed the phone on my ear.
ME: hello
CALLER: hi dear, how are you?
ME:**recognised the caller** I’m fine adenike. How is everyone at home?
ADENIKE: they are fine dear, you didn’t even ask of me?
ME: **praying for her not to mention anything related to parcel and her neighbour*** I’m so sorry dear, I told you I don’t have a phone, I used to borrow someone’s phone.
ADENIKE: ok dear. Have you seen my friend about that thing?
ME: ***my heart was beating heavily!!!. Thank God she mentioned “Friend” and not “neighbour”**** yes I did, she said I should thank you for your cares and support for her, she said she can’t wait to see you.
ADENIKE: loooolz. You are funny, anyways, I would be back to town soon. Still need to sort out some things about my dad’s property, I will get back to you later.
ME: ok dear
ADENIKE: I love you so much dear. Bye
ME: love you too. Bye. **hanged up***.
The guy looked at me and asked. Who is the friend and what is the thing?. I replied that “she told me one of her friend needed money and I should give her till she returned so I went to give it to her friend in her name. That’s all sir.”
The guy lowered his gun and put it back into his pocket and gave my phone to the other guy. Both of them came closer to me and said. “Where is the parcel?”.

ME: sir, I don’t know anything about the parcel.
GUY 1: you don’t know what?, how come labake mentioned it that you had told her about the location of the parcel?
GUY 2: leave am, e be like say e wan die
ME: ***scared** I don’t want to die sir. The parcel isn’t with me
GUY 1: ***landed a slap on my left cheek “gbosa”.
ME: **eyes turning** please sir plssss
GUY 2: that one no go work, let me blast one of his leg, **brings out gun and pointed it at my right leg**
ME: please sirrrrrr, I will talk sir
GuY1: ok, we are listening
ME: ****breathing heavily*** the parcel is at work sir.
GUY 2:. You are still lieing abi? ***re-corked his gun and pointed it at my kneel****
ME: I’m serious sir, I’m not lieing sir.
**** a door on the outside made an opening sound and footsteps and voices of 2 guys was heard. Guy 2 looked at guy 1 and said “e be like na larry be dat, make we go hear the feedback of where dem go.
They both looked at me and one of them told me “we will be back”. They walked out of the room to join others.
The leader asked the 2 guys who just entered, “how far with your outing?, what were your observations?
GUY 1: no traces of labake oooooo, we couldn’t find her corpse put the blood was still on the main road.
GUY 2: we asked the passer’s by and we were told she might have been rushed to mortuary. A trader who was close to the scene said she might have been dumped in the bush.
Guy 1. No one could give us the exact information about her.
GuY2 : and the time is past 8pm so we decided to come back home and give you feedback boss
LEADER: no problem. Tomorrow morning, we will go to the nearby hospitals and mortuary to find out if anyone had brought a wounded or dead body this night.
Guy 1: ok boss.
LEADER: let’s get back to the delivery guy and find out about the parcel
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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