She is a ghost episode 26

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SHE’S A GHOST Episode 26
“What do you mean by that?”he asked looking at me. “I mean, you don’t care to know the reason behind you mum’s death. Do you think it’s natural. If you want want to know from me then listen and if you choose not to, then go your way. Am only doing this because of my sister. I want to pay back for what I had done to her. If you chose not to believe me you can do it your own way”i said looking at him. I turned to leave but he stopped me. “Give me a good reason for me to believe you’re not deceiving us”he said. “Because am Michael Cassandra. You’re not the only one he hurt, am also a victim”I said looking at him.
Stella’s POV
When she said she’s micheal Cassandra, I was so surprised. I had been wondering where I know the face because when I first set my eyes on her, I had this strange feeling.
I remembered when we were still together. How we played, laugh and go to school together.
Then I remembered the day we were looking for her at a park we went. We were shouting her name especially me. I had started crying while mum held my hand and we continue looking for her.
“Cassandra!”the name came out of my mouth while john looked back at me with an unknown expression.
He was not able to ask me anything because he thought he would look crazy to Cassandra who will think he’s talking to himself.
Two days later……
Jenny had recovered but the wound was not fully healed yet. She was discharged from the hospital and was taken home by her mother. John and I also went home after Jenny’s mum thanked him so much for his support.
We left the hospital and went home.
Cassandra had promised to work with us just to bring Stephen down. I told john about my memory and the fact that Cassandra is my sister. She knows about me but was not able to see me.
“Now we know that you mean no harm, we can trust you and depend on one another”john said looking at her. “Yes”she replied. “So you mean you know who was behind my mum’s death? Can you tell me. now, I can believe everything you say”john said.
She was silent for a while staring at john. “Who’s it? Let me know now”he said looking impatient. Just as Cassandra was about to talk, her phone rang and she took it. “Hello?”
“Alright”that was all her respond to the caller. She took her bag and stood up. “Sorry that would be another day. Because it’s a long story. Stephen just called for me. I need to go now”she said looking at john.
Stephen’s POV
When Cassandra got to me, she was not looking that good. I suspect something is wrong. “Why is your mood like this?”I asked her. “It’s nothing. I just feel a bit sick”she replied. “Will you go to the hospital? Is it much?”I asked. “Why did you call me here?”she asked looking at me.
I noticed she had been acting strange and quiet these days. I wondered why she’s like that. “Yes I called for you. Sorry to tell you this, I had searched for your family which you asked me to do for you. But it’s so sad and heartbroken I found out they had all died in a motor accident. Only you survived the accident. So sorry to break down the sad news to you”I said looking at her. I brought out some pictures and documents I asked Mathew to get and showed it to her. It was another family picture who all died three years ago In a serious motor accident. When I gave it to her, she nodded her head positively without saying a word or two. She gave them back to me staring at me strangely. “That’s so bad”she said looking at me.
“Is that all you could say?”I asked her. She didn’t react to it or start crying or do as if it hurts her. “That’s so painful but what can I do? They’re gone. So sad”she said covering her face with both hands.
I took a deep breath and my body was relieved.
Cassandra’s POV
I covered my face because I can’t stand to see the sight of that beast Stephen anymore. I cried a little at least for the family that lost their lives. And for him not to suspect me.
I left his place and was heading back. I thought of going to Stella at my Foster family’s place. Just to check on her health. And to visit them because it had been long. I got into my car and headed there.
Stephen’s POV
After she left, I thought of what she had been up to these days because she was acting strange. “Is she keeping anything from me?”I asked myself. I took my car key and also headed out to find out about what she’s up to. I saw her car as she zoomed out of the compound. I also got into my car and followed her but let the distance between us be a little far so that she won’t notice am following her. She turned to the left at a junction. “Where on earth is this girl going to?”I asked myself and also turned left.

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