She is a ghost episode 28

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SHE’S A GHOST Episode 28

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I quickly took my hand bag and walked to the door. When I got to the door, I opened it gently but couldn’t find anyone at the door. I heard him talking to someone on phone in the living room. I tiptoed and got out of his room closing the door gently. I walked towards the visitor toilet to hide there till he’ll be out again or go to his room. I don’t want him to know I came to his house. That might put me in trouble also. I stood in the visitor toilet trembling and weeping. I thought of what I read In the book and that bring more tears to my face. “Stephen why? Why did you guys do that?”I asked crying while covering my mouth with both hand to stop me from crying out.


John’s POV

When I asked Cassandra who killed my mum, she was staring at me not replying. “Your silence is killing me. Please just tell me already”I said looking at her. “Your mum was murdered by….”she stopped and a message notification came into my phone. I saw Debbie’s number and quickly unlocked my phone. I saw the pictures she sent and started reading the content out.

“April 18 2015, I killed Stella because she saw what she was not suppose to see. I didn’t kill jane(John’s mother) but her death was a mistake from my mother. My mum called Jane for a visit at her place just because she told her she have something to say to her. But that’s not the truth she called her for a reason. She threatened her to reject father’s offer of wanting him to live with her. John’s mum was favored a lot by father and this got my mum jealous. Because of that, my mum’s hatred for her grew stronger. When she told her to reject the offer, Jane refused to hear her. Arguments arises between both of them. My mum slapped her and hit her multiple times. She defended herself also by retaliating the slap back to my mum. In anger, my mum hit and pushed her. This made her hit her head at the pillar behind her and passed away immediately. My mum started trembling in fear and called me when she saw blood. She told me everything that happened between them and I told her not to worry about it. When I got there, I calmed her down. When I checked and found out Jane had stopped breathing, I took her to my car and told my mum not to mention this to anyone. When I drove her to a bridge, I asked my mum to bring her car just to make the accident real. When she brought it, she took a taxi and went back home. I placed her body on the driver seat. Just as I was about to start the engine, she opened her eyes looking at me. If I had taken her to the hospital, she would have survived but will report everything to the police and would put my mum and I in big trouble. “You guys can’t do this to me”she said in a weak voice. I ignored her and started the engine then removed the stone I placed on the break pedal. The car moved by itself and hit the bridge then down into the river. I closed my eyes as this happened. I paced at the spot the car hit for a while then I looked behind me and noticed someone was hiding behind my car. I opened the door quietly and brought out a sharp dagger with the aim of killing whosoever saw me. When I got there, I saw it was Stella. I was so surprised she was the one who saw all what I just did. It was so painful it was her and not another person. I never mean to hurt the girl I love but I can’t let her go. Because of my future and for my mum’s safety. Stella tried to run away from me but I caught her. She pleaded me to spare her but it was too late. I stabbed her with the dagger and threw her into the river also…..

That was how Stella and Jane died the same day.


John’s POV

When I finished reading this, my phone dropped from me in shock. I bent down on my kneel covering my face while tears dropped from my eyes. “How could you guys do this to my poor mother? Why? How could you?”I said crying. Cassandra and Stella came beside me and were comforting me. “Take heart dear. It’s so painful but you have to take heart”Sandra said patting my back.

I stood up on my feet and faced Cassandra. “I can’t take this anymore. That beast don’t worth living on earth and breathing the same air with we humans. I will destroy him myself today”I said and headed out. Stella and Cassandra kept calling my name but the anger and revenge in me does not make me answer or go back to them.




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