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The first time I got to the school,I met a girl,very tuss and figure eight.That was in JSS3.Then I was holy to the call,to the extent that I was called the phlegmatic guy.I was a stranger to everyone including the girl when I got there.She neither greet me nor I greet her.It was a fire for fire time. The session ended and we went on holiday.When we resumed,everything was the same as usual,she neither greet me nor I greet her.Gradually, lecture begins fully,everyone was busy.It was on a faithful day when we closed in school exactly 5pm.On our way home, my friends,the girl and her friends we were discussing and gisting,suddenly one of her friends made mention of love and everyone was contributing but I was apparently mute because I have never been loved by someone.They said they love one another and they were mentioning their opposite sex’s friend name.Her friends asked her the name of her boyfriend she shooked her head and answered gallantly mentioning my name.I was completely surprised, it was the first time the word”love” was applicable to me.I was unease,thinking that it was a dream until I realised that it was a real life scene.She moved closer to me,looked deep into my eyeball and laughed.We finally got to that pkad where we have to depart to our various hosues,she moved closer yi me and gave me a peck my head was opened and flattered like that of a trailer.The following day,she got to the school before me,when she see me coming she run towards me and she collected my bag and accompanied me to the classroom. Gradually, I seem to have admit to the love she showed to me and we started everything. I never woo her for once but she is ready to die for me.The term ended and another new term began. She left her place and she sat beside me in the class.Everyday she will give me hug and peck.No day has ever passed that she does not have her body in contact with mine. She always make me to feel arouse,my dick getting erected.She did not stop doing this.On a faithful day,there was a teacher in our class,she sat beside me as usual I was also in the mood.I took my hand place it on her tight,rubbing it gently and sexually,I later moved closer to her caressing her mercissely and I was already captivated to the extent that I took my hand underneath her dress massaging the lower part o her abdomen. She was already grooming,making sound and I could sense that she has been engrossed. Not knowing that we were in the class, I continued to dip further,my friends were calling me but I couldn’t hear because her body was like a Paradise. Eventually, the class ended and my friends started discussing the incudence, the girl couldn’t talk because she really enjoyed it.How happy will I be if such opportunity can be recovered. In the recruition of new students,the school recruited a lot of students among which was a guy who was my friend. The guy was recruited to the school and he heard the news about the girl and I.Though he was my friend but he later became my rival. One day,the guy came to me and asked me what is going on between the girl and I,I couldn’t say anything since I didn’t woo the girl.The guy left thinking that he is free to woo the girl.I was never smart for once,instead of me to use the opportunity and woo the girl and detest from mere relationship. The guy finally woo and gain her heart.All the love she claimed to her for me vanish away because I couldn’t voice out….If you love someone, tell them life is too short for procrastination.

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Spread the love, please share with friends after reading

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