Sponsored post – Recent crisis in Funaab part 2.

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#TrueFunaabStory.                                                              *The True Story must be known!!***                                       Armed robbers came to some hostels to steal, rape and even use machetes on some students (one reported died yesterday).. Students came out for a Peaceful Protest @ Gate and Camp; demanding the Commissioner of Police to come to the rescue, so as to stop the repeated robberies in recent times.. A thief was caught during the protest at Oluwo and was taken to Gate.. The police later came and took him away… The police then attacked students protesting peacefully at camp, shooting sporadically… An 100L student was shot in the eye during the uproar; the Police force still denying.. Students got aggravated, destroying some vehicles and the VC’s church in the process… The CP then order the arrest of 150 students… Hostel doors where broken down, and students were arrested from their homes, most of which were not involved in the protest at all… About 69 students arrested already, tortured like criminals, denied bail and even being seen, and reportedly in court now…                                                                *The Police force that could not stop the occurrence of robberies are now ‘combating’ the students they are meant to protect; during the process of crying out to them for help..Media houses are making matters worse by reporting false news without making an effort to come down to Funaab to find out the real truth..                                           *Please ask yourself…                                                            1. Is it possible for students to protest without a good reason??                                                                      2. Several robbery incidents have happened this year but what has the management and police done to permanently put a stop to it?                                                      3. The Police force and the management expect Funaabites to keep mute but must we all be raped, killed and our valuables carted away until something is done??
*I guess if any of these had happened to their sons/daughters/friends/colleagues, they would have had a rethink*.
*Note: The robbers that started all these are still at large while the Police, *Management, Media houses and immediate Government are distracting themselves with the reaction of the students.*
*May God save Funaab from this Injustice!!*                                    *Rebroadcast to all media houses and social media.                                                               *The True Story must be known.*                                          *#savefunaab*

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