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Happy Sunday Team Onihaxy, something happened in my office recently and I decide to share.

My team lead is a very young girl in her late 20’s. She got married 2 months ago and ever since then, her husband has been the one dropping her in the morning and also coming to pick her in the evening.

Last week Wednesday (four days ago). A new supervisor was posted to my unit from the headquarters, on the first day that the man arrived and he was been introduced to us, the look on their faces was so obvious to convince us that they knew each other. Since the moment my team lead set her eyes on the new supervisor, her mood changed till the end of the day. I noticed this and I walked up to her to enquire about what went wrong due to our closeness. She confided in me and said.
” Onihaxy, you won’t believe that the new supervisor is my ex boyfriend? ”

” we dated for 2 years before he traveled out of the country and we lost communication”

” now, I will have to be reporting to him which may cost me to stay back in the office beyond regular closing time which you know of “.

” my husband knows him very well because I told my husband about him when we started dating and he could recognize his face from the pictures he saw when we met”

” my husband know I was crazily in love with my ex that time, it took my husband 8 month successfully win my love because of by the feelings I still had for my ex back then even after Loosing communications.
Now, how do I tell my husband that my ex whom I once loved so much is my new boss whom I have to be working with.?.

How will I cope with my husband when daily reports to my ex set me back beyond regular closing time?.

I can’t even walk to the management that I don’t want work with him or report to him. Even if I have the courage to approach the management, on what grounds?.

The bitter part is that I am not ready to loose my job for any reason.

Team Onihaxy. I seriously need this girl to get back on her feet and be the usual happy girl I used to know.

What advice do you think I can give to her?.

If you are a girl in this kind of Situation, how will you cope and sort out things?,

If you are a guy and your newly married wife tells this, what will you do?.

Please comment.

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