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Happy Sunday Team Onihaxy. Let’s us continue our gist from where we stopped two weeks ago.

Earlier on,  I was sharing with you about a female colleague who went cold on sighting her ex boyfriend who just resumed to be her boss.  I also said it then that the job require them to be together most times after the official work hours in other to collate reports.

Like you all advised,  I told her to inform her newly wedded husband about the latest development. She did and it didn’t went well. 

Her husband gave her two conditions, It’s Either she finds a way of changing her branch to another branch or she should resign from the job. 

She has approached the management and open up to them,  she was told that she couldn’t be moved out of the branch for now,  the only help they can render is to change her unit. 

But the husband still insisted that it’s either she changed her branch or resign. She has been in the job for over 6 years now and her promotion is around the corner. secondly,  it’s not as if the husband has another job for her at the moment,  

Advice needed again,  what can she do in such situation?

She loves her job so much and at the same time,  she loves her marriage.  Please advise,  what can she do? 


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