SUNDAY GIST: Cohabitation before marriage. Right or wrong?

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I was in the office on friday afternoon when i noticed my table mate , sarah with an unusual big bag. I prompt to ask her this question ” sarah, are u travelling? “, she smiled and replied saying ” not really onihaxy, i will be spending the weekend at boo’s place”.
This ignited the gossip spirit among everyone on the same floor where we are.
” that is rubbish”
” how can you spend a weekend with a guy you arent legally married to?. ”
” you are defiling bed”
” that is formication ”

The arguement continued as some supported her and some were against her with several points.

The ones that supported her emphasized that
* you can’t fully know someone if you dont live with him or her
* he /she can be bedwetting, have bad sleeping and eating habbit

* he or she may pretend to be neat and hygenic as they tend to clean their room ahead of your visitations once in a while. But if you live with him or her for few days, you will find out.

* he/she might be a street fighter and notorious in the neighborhood. You can’t find out if you dont live with him/her.

* some people are good at hiding characters & attitudes when you see them once in a while. But when you live with them, you will realise thier true attitude before marriage.

The once that were against sarah raised several points also saying.

* you can study people from afar without visiting.
* A guy will respect you more when you give a distance in relationship
* you will appear more decent and morally upright.
* chances of fornication will be minimal
* you wont appear desperate and dependent if dont live with him.

The points are endless and i decided to bring it down to my family on Onihaxy media.

Cohabitation with your fiance/fiancée before marriage.
Right or wrong?.
State your reasons please.


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