SUNDAY GIST!!!. : Padded "2face" and "idibia"

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Happ Sunday team Onihaxy. Let’s have another gist today.

A friend was sharing with me yesterday, he told me that he has been dating his girl friend for over 7 months without seeing the underneath of her skirt. He told me that his girlfriend would always restrict him anytime this romance is getting to the stage of pulling under wears off. To make it worse, he said his girlfriend would always ask him to excuse himself out of the room anytime she want to undress during visitations.

However, trouble broke out last weekend when his girlfriend came to visit her as usual, he couldn’t hold it anymore as he suspected something wrong. He said he made a little hole on his bathroom door ahead of her arrival.
She arrived as usual, help in cooking and doing some house chores and they had their “kissing romance as usual. As God would have it, his girlfriend needed to ease herself in the bathroom. As she entered into the bathroom, my friend tip-toed after her and peeped at her through the hole at the door. He was shocked to discover that the big ass which her girlfriend has was all fake, it was padded and her real butt is as flat as slippers.
He was so provoked and forcefully opened the door and forced himself inside the bathroom to confirmed what he saw. His girlfriend was so shocked that she had been bursted.

She later cried and begged him saying she was ashamed of her small sized boobs and butt, and that was why she has been padding it for the past 5 years.
She confessed further saying that was her reasons for avoiding intimacy between them all this while.

Now, my friend is disturbed. He loved this girl so much but he is so confused.

* He isn’t comfortable with the padding of the “2 faces” and the ” idibia”

* Everyone in the neighborhood has already know her size and it will be embarrassing seeing her without padding.

He is thinking of breaking up but he still loves her.

Kindly advice, what can he do in this situation?.

If you are in his shoes?, what will you do?. Please comment.

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