SUNDAY GIST: She is confused and needs advice

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one of onihaxy media reader sent this and told me to post. she needs your advice.

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“Let me summarise my story.
I was sick few months back and got admitted to this hospital. That was when I met this young man who was also a patient that time, he is 26 years old, he took so much interest in my health and we became close and exchange contacts at the hospital. One thing led to the other, he always call to check on me after I was discharged and this got me attracted to him. Weeks later, he started stopping by at my office to pick me up after work and drop me at my place before going to his house.
Before we know it, we started exchanging visits and we were so close. 7 months after meeting him at the hospital, we already have each other’s spare keys. I do go to his house unannounced and he also do the same to my apartment. The whole thing was like magic, the chemistry began to wax stronger as day goes by.
He told his friends and his younger sister behind me that I’m his fiance. But when he introduced me to them facially. He would say “Friends, meet vera, vera meet my friends”. At first, I wasn’t bothered but it got to a time when his friends and sister would see me and be asking me, “vera, how is your fiance doing?”. I was like fiance gini? This guy never asked me out, we are just close. It got to a time that I had to ask his sister what he told her about me. His sister was shocked when I told her that we are just friends. She never believed it because his brother had informed the family that I’m his fiancee and a girl he would get married to. I stylishly interrogate few of his friends and the story was the same. His friends even made me realized how he could die without me.
I sat down and reasoned. I have never seen this young man closed to any other lady despite his profession, he would call me like 5 times a day, send me little romantic texts, comes to pick me at home in the morning and drop me in the evening. He gave me his spare key to visit any time, he never password his phone and he is so plain, loving and caring. His friends and family sees me as their potential inlaw, even my friends find it hard to believe each time I told them that I wasn’t dating akin.
But to be sincere, I so much love him and have feelings for him. Infact, I have chased other potential suitors all because of him. I could see it clearly on his eyes that he loved me to, anytime a guy calls me on phone in his presence, his mood would change and I could remember that his eyes were soaked one particular day when I spent like 18minutes on a call with a guy and was laughing loud and teasing on the call, when the call ended, I noticed his eyelids were soaked, I pretended not to notice. Most times, he would hold my hands, hug me but find it difficult to look into my eyes. And when he finally tries to do so, he would be speechless and I would read clearly “fear” on his face as I could feel his heart beating heavily.
Yes we go out on shopping, dates and so on, but its just the usual chit chat fun, a little bit of romance but he is always scared to make body contacts, each time I tried moving close to him or looked into his face, all I could see is “fear” and my face isn’t scary oooooo, infact, I started smiling always because of him oooo.
This is the 11th month of our friendship and this guy never told me that “vera, I want you to be my girl”. All he always do is to tell me on chats or messages that he missed me and can’t wait to be with me again, but when we see face to face, he wouldn’t say anything. Always looking at the ceiling or the floor.
I’m so confused, I so much love this guy. He posses all what I wanted in a man, I knew he so much love me too. His family and friends sees me as his girl, he is so caring that even a boyfriend can’t do most of the things he do to me. Now my problem is that, I can NEVER woo him my self,NEVER. but how do I help to remove the fear on his face?, how do I make him “talk the talk”, or should I just pretend that we are dating?. Even his sister told me secretly that his brother had never been in a relationship before because he is the shy and scared type when it comes to women.

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