Tale of a private lesson teacher episode 22

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don’t just go there, I’m a married woman and a good christian, I have vowed never to have intimate intercourse with any other man apart from my husband, and besides, Adultery is a serious sin against God” just continue the hand action, I’m ok with only that one, ok!!. “Yes ma” I replied. I lost interest immediately and my moral was low, my dick was shrinking instantly. I located her niiple again with my mouth and resumed finger fuccking her, it was as if I was forced to do it because I wasn’t enjoying it. But as I was hitting the walls of the pusssy with my finger and also sucking the niiples at the same time, she was moaning and jerking seriously than before and was releasing juices, this excited me again and revived my Attention, I stylishly moved over trying to lie down straight ontop of her with her legs spread apart but our body aren’t touching each other. I was still sucking and finger fuccking her and I noticed she was so lost in the heavenly feelings, I stylishly brought out my dick from the hole on my boxers, I removed my hands at intervals from her pusssy to lubricate my erected dick with her juice on my finger. Then I stylishly pushed the pants away to one side completely to avoid obstructions, I pressed forward a little bit and positioned my dick at the entrance of her Kitty-Cat without any body contact to avoid her suspecting. Then I focused on her bosom in my mouth and Kitty-Cat on my hand. I made sure I expanded the hole very well with my fingers. I counted from 1 to 3 on my mind. After the count of 3, I pushed the dick INSIDE at once hoping that she will be angry at me and push me away, but instead, she moaned heavily and expanded her legs wider, I began to pump in and out slowly, then I increased the pressure and went faster, the moaning was increasing and she raised up her two legs to hold my back tight. We continued for like 6minutes till she cum again and I cummed there after. “You this boy!!!, what have you done to me?, didn’t I tell you not to have sex with me?, now you have made me a sinner, an adulterer and a matrimony vow breaker.” Madam yelled at me. “I’m so sorry ma”. I replied. “Now get out of here. Idiott!!!!!, and first thing tomorrow morning, you are leaving this house. Idiott!!!!

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