tale of cynthia, episode 10.

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Episode 10
Ronke: sis, don’t forget to see me before you go o,
Cynthia: sure I will,
She left, I was moody, Cynthia noticed me, she moved closer to me
Cynthia: Dan, whats going on between you and Ronke, I can see the way she look at you, don’t tell me you they enter the girl too, cus I know you to be bad boy,
Me: I don’t know, you suppose to have dress up now
Cynthia: chai, so I’m right, haa, Daniel, you bleep me and my sister, oga o, that’s the problem between the two of you sha
I was surprised with her statement, she later asked about my g.f, I told her about my one and only omolara, she even spoke with her, but I told lara that she’s just a friend, she went to see Ronke and gave her money, Ronke was moody, she refused to talk to me, no more bleeping, cus of what she saw, Cynthia sent me pictures that she was beaten up by chief cus she left work to see someone, then I know my life was in danger.
It’s been up to a week when I can’t take it again, we were in shop in that morning and there’s no customer to attend to.
Me: Aderonke
Ronke: yes
Me: what’s the meaning of all this now, you’ve been acting moddy, since all this days,
Ronke: so you can ask me (she walked to were I was sitting ) you slept with my sister, that’s a taboo, (pause) assuming she is your g.f, its nothing
Me: but not same father nd same mother now, you guys just relate ni now, (I drew her to my sit, she sit beside me) I’m sorry, mabinu
Ronke: its doesn’t mean, we are family now,
Me: mabinu o
We continue our bleeping things, I went back to to the company, my colleagues welcomed me, kola was also happy, lara was also happy, Ronke was in charge of my shop, we don’t have time for bleeping again but on Saturday when kola went to greet toyin. Cynthia and I were becoming more close, I introduced omolara to Cynthia the day lara came to my place, Cynthia still loves me but I don’t want anything to happen between us again, she do whink at me at work, people were surprised with the new relationship between Cynthia and I, many questions
Dan, are you dating her?
How did you come back?
Did you beg her?
All sort of questions like that,
On Saturday, after bleeping Ronke, my phone rang, it was Cynthia
Me: yes ma
Cynthia: who is your mum, abeg are you at home?
Me: yes, why asking
Cynthia: wire ni, I’m coming, i’ve missed your tin, chief is just 5 minute,
Me: is he not there?
Cynthia: of course now,
Cynthia came, I bleep her again, after the bleeping we were discussing
Cynthia: Dan you are still bad o, I do enjoy it
Me: thank you.
I escorted her, she gave me money, days after days, month after month, my life was changing, kola and I was building our house.
One fateful evening, Ronke and I were true with our auditing, I gave her money, cus she was really impressing me, I even bought a phone for her, cus she deserve it, I was resting on bed when kola enters, he frowned his face,
Me: what happen guy,
Kola brought out his phone and showed me the sex tapes of Toyin and i

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