Tale of cynthia Episode 13

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Episode 13
The call was from Benita, the girl’s num I just deleted,
Benita: evening sir
Me: evening dear
Benita: how is work sir
Me: fine o sister
Benita: just want to say hi sir,
Me:(I want to stop talking, but I can’t help myself) where do you stay sef
Benita: Around general gas, you want to see me? I can come anywhere you want me to come sir
Me: (chai) ok, let’s meet next week Saturday, I will send you my address or anywhere I want to meet you
Benita: ok sir, hope the job is sure sir
Me: (watin dey do this one, me dat I’m bleeping the owner’s wife mani) don’t worry dear
Benita: thank you sir,
Me: good night dear
I ended the call, I was happy, I told kola in the next morning, but I was surprised with what he said, he said ‘’Alaye go on, those girls don’t deserve mercy’’ I was happy, someone don endorse am..
It was Saturday morning, I have ironed my cloth, my white guinea native, kola have also ironed his Ankara native, I told Ronke to take good care of the shop, we left ibadan for Abeokuta, I called omolara when we arrived the place, she told us to wait that she’s coming to pick us, we waited for like 30 minute, before, where we stood, one kia elentra was coming towards us, I was about to insult the owner when the car stop, omolara came down from the car, she was putting on short black skirt and white top and was smiling with her white teeth, I was happy dating that kin beautiful girl, kola whisper into my ear ‘’you are lucky’’
Omolara: good morning sirs
Kola: morning dear, you are indeed beautiful
Omolara: thank you sir
I was just looking at her, I couldn’t talk
Omolara: bross, you no talk,
Me: nothing jare, haha, who owns the car
Omolara: yes, that’s the surprise I said, it was gift from my Dad,
Me: Dad or someone else?
Omolara: haha( she hold my hand) lets go jare, I will ask Dad in your presence
Omolara’s house was very beautiful, it was painted white, they have a gateman, the compound was neat, with 2 cars, omolara’s own make it 3, we entered and the sitting room was well furnished, the flat screen T.V was taller than me, there house girl came to serve us drinks, the house girl sef no bad o, they put one action film for us before her mum come to welcome us
Lara’s mum: Dan Dan, (surprised) haha Koli, how are you guys
2 of us: fine ma (we bowed our head)
Lara’s mum: hope you are having fun
We all echoed “yes ma” Omolara’s Dad came, he put on one white native, handsome, he sat facing the two of us,
Lara’s Dad: how re you guys,
We all echoed “fine sir”
He face me
Lara’s Dad: Dan right?
Me: yes sir
Lara’s Dad: how is Mum and Dad
Me: fine sir (I was shy,)
Lara’s Dad: are they together?
Me: yes sir
Lara’s Dad: where do you work?
Me: Dexiiland insurance company
Lara’s Dad: you nko (pointing to kola)
Kola: same place sir
Lara’s Dad: what about your church?
Me: Christ redeeming evangelical power ministry (crem)
Lara’s Dad: who is my daughter to you
Me: she is partner, my wife
He was happy with my statement, Lara came in to ask her Dad about the car, and he confirmed he was the one that gave her the car, I was introduced to her brother as well, we ate amala with big meat, we arrived Ibadan around 4, very tired, I was surprised with the person I met waiting for me at home

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